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The border wall construction. Okay first of all that was like top like that's purely symbolic of course right because the reality is having a border wall kind of a good thing but he's like you stop that right now we have spent trillions of dollars on redistributive purposes. Can't be spending money on like a wall to stop people from coming across the border illegally. Stop that right now. Now that had not been trump's top priority. Would he be doing that. Of course not. He's going to quote end. The muslim travel ban. There is no muslim travel ban. It does not exist. There's a travel ban against a variety of countries which includes some muslim countries and some non muslim countries. Okay he's going to rejoin the paris. Climate agreement woohoo that paris climate agreement which achieves nothing zero things does achieve. It is a completely symbolic act. That is designed in order to cudgel political opponents into silence. That is what the paris climate accord does the vast majority of countries that have signed on the paris. Climate accord are not even attempting to meet their quotas. The united states has no plan in order to achieve. What joe biden wants it to achieve an even if the united states were to meet its quotas. Under the paris climate accord's it would not lower the global temperature over the course of the next century. More than a minute degree. These are all well established realities. What joining the paris climate accord's good stuff guys. Also we're going to end the houston. Xl pipeline and revoke oil and gas development and national wildlife monument. So that's good news we're gonna make ourselves more dependence on foreign oil again. So that's that's excellent. Also we're gonna count you non-citizens in the us census his a. One of the things that trump had pushed was we're not gonna count illegal immigrants in the us census because we use the us census for apportionment purposes and we should not apportion congressional seats based on how many people who literally should not be in the country are in particular areas and buy up. You know what i know. All those people live and they tend to live in blue areas and we need more. Congressional seats appointed a portion for those particular areas or rejoining the. Who that's being so we left the who because the who is a crap sandwich of an organization. That basically is a propaganda outlet for the chinese. But we're rejoining it because trump left it that's literally the only reason rejoin it also. He's starting to one hundred days masking challenge. Do we get those physical fitness badges like. I remember when i was in elementary school. And if you basically didn't kill over in fourth grade then. They gave you like a presidential physical fitness award. It was super exciting and went directly in the garbage. Because i meant nothing. So we're gonna have the one hundred day masking challenge because you know what people aren't asking except for you know the eighty plus percentage of people who say they're masking in the united states so yep That'll be good. He's going to push pause on student. Loan payments until september thirtieth his going to defend the dreamers program for undocumented young americans. He's going to continue to do the unconstitutional thing of just declining to prosecute people as he ought under the law. He's going to change at trump's arrest priorities for immigration and customs enforcement. He is going to restructure. The federal government coordination's the covid nineteen pandemic. But just explain how and here we go. This is the best part you ready. Actions to advance racial equity through the federal government. So welcome back to critical race theory gang because remember trump said no critical race theory in the federal government. We're not gonna do any of those things and by. We're putting all that back in so you get to learn about how whiteness dominates america's systems of power and how you are responsible you are white person and it doesn't matter if you're black person who agreed in any element with trump. This means that you're also white. You're multi racial white person. Very exciting stuff. He's going to revoke. Trump's corn harmful seventeen seventy six commission. So instead he's just gonna reflect these sixteen nineteen bullcrap promoted by the new york times. America's evil america's terrible all. This is in the healing guys. Do you feel the healing. Can you feel the warmth. Can you feel it so much healing happening. Right now. he's going to strengthen workplace discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity which effectively means that the federal government is now going to be telling you that if you are a waiter at a if you are a waitress at and you decide that you're man tomorrow you should remain a waitress at the hooters. So that's that's exciting stuff also when we are going to be freezing all last minute. Trump administration and regulatory actions and they're gonna formulate executive branch ethics doctrines because that's always Usually went when members of the government including the trump administration formulate ethics doctrines. They then follow through with done by completely ignoring them. So all of this is exciting stuff among the people who biden will be appointing also some of the best and the brightest so for example. Joe biden has now selected as assistant health secretary. Rachel levine the only important thing about this human beings that this person is transgender. That's according to the washington post headline. This is true. Here's the washington post headline now. You might think to yourself as assistant health secretary. Wouldn't you want like the accomplishment in the title like what this person due to become assistant health secretary. Here's the title biden. Select transgender dr. Rachel levine as assistant health secretary. Well i mean. I know that when i go to the doctor. The first thing i need is a person who believes that. Remember the wrong sex..

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