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7yard line of atlanta not much game second down and goal in the clock just passing the 10minute mark here in the second quarter were a we talked about this being an issue for the event falcons all year it's been an issue for seattle seahawks as well get down tied into the red zone have been able to run the football if you can't run the football down here tough to put points on the board because everything gets constricted in the passing game second down goal in makamba quarterback wilson arms extended look to the fourman front for atlanta he gets a shotgun snappy conscious right armybacked penalty rule to got bricks attack was on the side of opencast that is a diving catch falling out of bounds by lucky ended about the two to sidelined near the taiwan four seattle deep in atlanta territory with akita four right there it's third down in goal for seattle it's fun to watch his receivers in russell wilson when he graced the pocket they have great rapport for how they get open we have rules scramble rules we call entitled lock it's been great at it he's got great quickness he starts it pushes up the field and then he puts us with a granite comes back down the sideline was seen it worked his benefit twice tonight real cinema gun each third and goal from the two of atlanta four that offensive line for the falcons tied ingraham graham emotion shotgun step back during the white black pastor took oh my grandma flag is thrown a bad signal touchdown he caught the ball and then he was immediately drilled in a pointer doubted for atlanta of flag has been brought a lot going on in the play and the conference among the officials with eight forty five to play in the second quarter and a.

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