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With the head coach of the tar heels leery for door and coach carolina faced odu in two thousand thirteen that was a game got out of hand the charriol is one eighty to twenty that day that odu program has taken some big steps forward since then they have i think bobby waller done an unbelievable job with that programme he took him to their first ballgame this last year and won their first one their game and so i think they're they're team has a lot of confidence i think you know there too and all right now they had fifteen saxon in the first two games there really good up brought i think you know i think it's a totally different team and i thank god that you've seen a lot of grow in that program back in two thousand thirteen no to use a team really spread the field offensively through it around a bunch much more recently the monarchs have been a run oriented group behind to really good running back cherie lowery jeremy cox those two guys coach combined for nearly two thousand yards ac's when ago yeah both of them are on the ball extremely well once a little bit ship the'red than the other the other is a bigger more physical back but they utilize both of them in their game plans to do a great job with that you know i thank god they're gonna try to keep some pressure off other young quarterback and new quarterback and and and try to maybe take care some clock you mentioned the defense coach monarch should and really style they've allowed just three hundred and three yards and twelve points on average and you saturday lead the nation with fifteen secs through two games what is made them so good up front where they got they got some real guys up front now i mean they they really do they guess with twitchy big guys that you don't makes plays and they play really hard and you know they do a nice job with their bullets package and their movement up fraud and sowa that that always creates a in all problem for your often sublime and so our guys are going to have to uh you'll be very sound with their plan and play really hard today to'real try to get on track today on the road against old dominion coaches always thank you for.

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