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Just go to Roman dot com slash cheap seats And complete an online visit erectile dysfunction used to be tough to tackle but now there is Roman complete an online visit today to connect with the doctor and take take care of it. Just go to get Roman dot com slash cheap seats to get a free online visit and free two day shipping. That's get Roman dot com slash cheap seats for a free visit to get started get Roman dot com slash cheap seats guys. Welcome back to the show works so excited to have this guy on. He's an old friend of ours. Comedian the median. We I would say in some ways came up with and In New York and then here in. La He's out here a bunch and he did the show cash cab for so long and was so great on that it was Ben Bailey thank you for joining us on the show. Thanks for having me guys and cash cavs still going believe they're gone back and began. Yeah now we're back And we're on Bravo discovery. brought us back and then after two years didn't pick us up and then bravo was like. Hey we want you because it's such a good. I love that that at member of the days in this business. Where if you wrote a script for one place you'll be like yeah? They didn't pick it up. It's damaged goods and you're like but it's still a good goddamn script up to now. Yeah now I feel like places are more apt to say. I don't care that you're a dummy for letting this go discover your dumb for letting that it's almost like even WanNa talk about sports. It's almost like players like Richard Sherman. He's done he's done in Seattle and San Francisco's like we'll take him and and he's still got your you're on Bravo Do you ever drive any around not yet know yet. At my last we've had some Some Bravo people in there that we had a real awesome guys yeah. We had a real housewife. Marge someone today not. They probably didn't know shit. They actually did pretty well. Guys from million dollar listing. Okay Frederick and I just I don't know this. There's got I don't know that guy. I Know Friends Frederick was fun he was cool. He seems like he's fun. Everyone was like kind of warning me without saying it like this guy might be awful. Oh really I liked him. I thought I had a good time. I mean here's a high energy energy kind of guy. Yeah I mean what you know. Yeah what's he's like a guy who who has yeah like energy instead of like comedic and the guy comes out there and it's like he should warm up a crowd yeah Oh you're absolutely right but what about that show is your. There's not a lot of time and you do have a lot of business to take care of driving. Having a car personality still comes through. And you're still funny our thank you man. I tried hard. It's like you're absolutely right. There's a lot to get in there. There's not a lot of room for funny money so I'm just like mugging for the camera. What do you do really well? which is something that I feel like? Comedians understand is as you read the room you react off of what's being given to you so a question comes out. Someone doesn't know it however they're reacting to whatever the question is the easy question and they're taking a long time your reaction to that is funny. Oh thank you. You're sort of like what the what's happening right now. Like I'm with you guys is at home wondering why say Niagara Falls onto the what's another giant waterfall North America in Canada. We're where is another place where people have imaginary Canadian Girlfriends Breakfast Club Breakfast Club do you. You feel like you have just all this crazy. Not Useless but just silly knowledge just swirling around your head because of what you've done or do you just exited as soon as you're done I think I'm show I think a lot of silly knowledge swirling around in my head is a pretty good description of the criminal in their on the fly. So it's in there but and then it just like shopping at D'Agostino l let me tell you something about sorry that I learned whatever. Yeah let me tell you about the cutie orange it started in nineteen ninety-one The Tangerine is named for the city that it was once really shipped from tange ears really. Yeah that's associates. You have games. There is a gamesmanship to it in. And when we think about Sports yes I think. Sports is starting to evolve in a really interesting way in that like e sports is the biggest goddamn thing in the world. They are building an e sports stadium. Adm in a state like arena. I guess is what I would call it in kind of. Near the Ferrari like fantasy football video video games like four hundred yeah all that stuff building an arena. Just for people can watch. I can watch people play video games on a big screen so people can basically be the little brother to the big brother who's on the I was like people play video games in arena. This should be in the basement of the staple center her down there. Put some panelling old like seventies room and the whole match is. Just someone's mom gets over the God Mike and is like Dan or she's comes through with the vacuum. Yeah I mean we're joking about it but it is an there. Were joking about it but it is a hewing business. That's crazy. Do you think about scrabble tournaments. I think about spelling bees. In it's a lot of that is an Cheslatta that is strategy and knowledge and being able to put forward. I think think about the most recent where they put like the champions of the champions on jeopardy like the best of the best. Yes gather on that jeopardy a week and it was huge. It was everybody's into everybody's telling me about it and he's trivia thing that's the kind of thing that that it's exactly like sports when you think about it. We'll beautiful like a champion here. Someone who's like kicked ass and then you've got these other guys who have just kicked gas and then you put them on hand to see who's the best of the best people in sports do that all the time I mean. That's what people better I mean Derek. Jeter just got into the hall of fame fame yesterday. And you're like well is he the Best Cure Saab of all time way. Wait he ozzie. Smith was this and then way way way there's Jordan Lebron James. They're like how can we. Everyone wishes they could match them up against each other while scrabble scrabble. But Jeopardy it you know. You can't be necessarily early aged out of it so if you were acid champion. Five years ago. And there's a massive champion this year. You can put them head to head and that kind of thing is what what generates excitement site and how you can do in Trivia but some you can't do in like on the actual court skills deteriorate right which fascinating but I can't actually put those guys against against each other old. What are the similarities? I know and there would be Michael Jordan would literally when you say break your ankles. He would literally break. I think it's interesting thing that the strategy on jeopardy changed the one guy who was a professional gambler. Oh yeah then came along or special poker player player just changed the way everything like nick he would try to like win a little bit and then go for the daily double and then make it a true daily.

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