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Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Three 15, let's get the update now, depressed and World Cup soccer second half Team USA leads Wales one zero Tim way of finding the net in the 36th minute, by the way, during the tournament we have added a World Cup at a glance feature to our sports page at WTO P dot com. Check it out to keep abreast of the tournament across the world. NFL commanders coach Ron Rivera speaks later this show, his team is 6 and 5 after their win in Houston, the 30 point victory or the 13 point victory, their largest margin of victory this year. Men's college, Virginia's re speakman's voted ACC player of the week, Cavaliers ranked 5th nationally up from number 16 Maryland's 23rd, Virginia tech also getting votes this week, North Carolina stays number one, my ballot is tweeted at DAV presto in a WTO. Please be kind. Paradise jam in the U.S. Virgin Islands, a final, George Mason falls to buffalo 82 to 74 Howard battles Belmont later this hour, women's hoops, Maryland is ranked 14th by the writers this week, the coach's poll comes out for the women tomorrow. College football navy linebacker John Marshall has voted AAC defensive player of the week he had four sacks in the midshipman's upset victory over UCF women's soccer, the Washington spirit hire Mark Parsons as their new head coach. Again, World Cup soccer Team USA leads Wales one zero, second half. Dave Preston, WTF sports. Alrighty, thank you, Dave. Now to the top stories we're following for you on WTO. More than a 160 people are dead, hundreds injured in an earthquake on Indonesia's densely populated main island, with their homes and businesses toppled people fled into the streets more than 13,000 are in evacuation centers. Millions are traveling this Thanksgiving holiday weekend and experts say plan ahead to avoid the worst delays Sunday is expected to be the busiest travel day of the weekend. And as you just heard, Dave Preston told you in sports, it is one zip for the USA in World Cup action. They were for more on these stories and just minutes. To New York men are charged with making threats against the Jewish community on social media. Christopher Brown from Long Island was arrested at Penn station Friday night, mayor Eric Adams says he made online threats to attack a New York City synagogue. This was not in idle threat. This was a real threat. According to the criminal complaint, the 21 year old operates a white supremacist Twitter group and tweeted, should I become a husband or shoot up a synagogue and die? Police recovered a gun and extended 30 round magazine a hunting knife ski mask and Nazi armband in New York City in 2022. 22 year old Matthew Mara was arrested with brown, the two pled not guilty at arraignment, the FBI says there's no information. This is a continued threat. Julie Walker, New York. Coming up in money news. Although just 5 points, a flying dog that's not a beer. I'm Jeff Lee. Three 18. Traffic

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