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Two of US shorts with Neo me, Watterson Albert Frederick High. This is naming lettuce. Welcome to the US charts. Myself Alba Frederick talking to people across the globe about that pandemic experience. And its relationship to creativity, mental health and emotional wellbeing. And as always I'd like to trigger warning. These adult shows of the themes will be complex and interesting, and maybe it sometimes be triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market for later. Otherwise die right. It gives me great pleasure. And something I've been waiting for ages to introduce the wonderful writer performer dancer. Even say magician in an emotional way. Safire Kamara contrast. Who I I met. About eighteen months ago. Was it a bit longer than that? It was. I think it was about eighteen months ago. Who Some? Since two thousand eighteen. To. Know it all. It was. Even does it doesn't feel like that long ago, it was it was quite some time. It was before the the the festival. Or the the. Fundraiser yeah. I think that's why things different because I think when significant things happens in both of our lives, since then and then there's this huge global significance. These events seem very distant. Even though. They weren't and I'M GONNA? Tell listeners where we met. I was doing my still haven't finished slim I've got just confess this lowest project ever designing some Tarakan cod switch, and now that's really come to a whole because I just a whole because I'm thinking. I'm talking about predicting the future show how we can embed ourselves everyday what we can learn from being this huge seismic change. I'm like I. Don't if relevance in the same. I have to rethink them. That might be an excuse just to. Keep on procrastinating. We went to Queens Wolves which is a sign of my childhood, and it's a place I really mess currently just being in the woods. It's a bit of ancient forest in the heart of London highgate and we met. That may have. I can say I think I described. Be have this voter. Issues might describe as a collaborative experience I felt am I thought that was very much. To do with you on your generosity and your ability to. Personify different aspects of being a person like you could be the joke, and you can come people in front of the Lens without saving forced seeming a very. Genuine power storytelling. Does not. Make any sense to. Yes. It does thank you. I really appreciate that I would I. Would I definitely agree that? It was collaborative I think that. You also have an ability to. To. Bring the truth out of people I mean I know I'm quite open I to just give and give anyway but. When I. saw when. I found I discovered I only. It was actually from looking true poets. Portrait's off while I was trying to learn about. The different poets in the industry. I actually looked true a lot of Naomi's. Poets and I would actually stuck some on my wall. You know my my. My my one. The will of of what I wanted to accomplish was inspired by. So it was actually an honor, and it was amazing experience yeah. Thank you I I'm not. I'm not gonNA say who was on that lull by. I. Don't know if any poets actually here. I would. Take them to my wardrobe or whatever, but yes, you know. These interviews are about the pandemic experience, and before after me made go onto that, but I just thought. Especially since you I feel I have to go by my intuition. Because I feel that such A. an ever changing spirit in new that. Let some quality that I send you which is about. Constantly changing and responding to the past to the present to the future. You're like little flickering flame, so I thought if I did something as. Straightforward as what was it like before? What is it now? That would be too confined for you because I feel that you occupy especially a work as well the past I'm present simultaneously. So this is my question. It's about dumps. Bake question thumbs down. It's like a huge was. Dance means. So many different things to different paid poem I remember years ago I met this woman. And she had. been commissioned for channel. Four's to do some doubts about our boxing. They were expecting this choreographed pace with boxing gloves on, but very elegant, but what it was. How boyfriend who spit out with, but they were still working together how they did this collaborative pace. They got boxing trainer. Basically they had they had a font and the fight was about the relationship, and it will justify, and she says the whole thing about don't says it's all movement when somebody picks up a cup of tea, they pick up the cup of tea in that manner. Depending on where they are who they are, how they are, everything is about that individual south, and every movement is a of Dom. Some I remember thinking wow! Moment of silence so. The first question is war is dance to you. What wow, that is a full on question is dance to me, I think. For me personally, it's it's. It's a way in which I can. Express myself were also discover who I am and and. I, guess in a way for me, Danzig like poetry I'm really responding to my environment and my surroundings, and and how I'm feeling. And I'm a I'm a very kinesthetic learner I'm always moving and I. Just I love this idea of of this of never ending energy and I. think that's why I wanted to bring down so much into poetry, because I I, sometimes like every time. I would read a poem ahead this. Had this thought that. What if the poem is constantly changing on the page and what you know how a poem really end if we always come back to it with a new idea or you know we, we see something. Kelsen. Even when spoken word artists, poets read, the intonations are different, and I think that it's. You know, and that's what life is life is is is is is never the saying you know. We never do think so even picking up a cup. You know it's never going to be done in the same way, so it's always It's it's just it's constant. It's IT'S A it's It's an imitation of life. I guess and I like that. It's also I guess a form of control. As well. Be Back in smoke. Free Guy like I liked to have the I feel that my life. I've never had much control over anything over how people see me? Over you know there's certain things that we will never be able to control. We are who we all know. Environments that we go up in, but dancing I have control over my body I can I can move this way. I can do this. I can do that and if I. Got Physically. Do you know I can I can find the way of to make this happen, and and from so I guess to add onto the this out, so it's a form of empowerment to I. Get control over something. Thank you, thank goodness like yes. Yeah, that's it. That's seem so relevant actually because it's control over the body and the bodies of might the site of oppression so being able to have control over higher express, your body seems important and also I'm thinking about what you're saying about this idea. Things are constantly changing. You know even repeated actions in the same that that then new each time and I think that has relevant. For. US come lately. You know in a lockdown situation where that's the seeming repetition. So, let's seems to be some wisdom in what you're saying about this idea about expressing straight freedom in the body. And also..

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