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Purchase Estee Lauder does it. I know you have to do it because I work retail for stay Lauder purchase from purchase. Unlike purchase awareness, by the way, New York fund stand ups, Tom Brady has now appeared in more Super Bowls or we'll have appear to more Super Bowl nine every single team in the NFL except for the patriots. How about that? And we didn't mention this. But I do think it is worth calling out de Ford's absolute stupidity in lining up in the neutral zone and cost his team that was that. Games can be over. What do you do about being over? It's over it's an interceptions over do. You think that low von will make sure that that they told them to do that. Like he wasn't technically in the neutral zone. Did you read the script? That's where you're off sides on. This attorney was started with college basketball after only mustering up. Can I mention the Tony Mendez died over the weekend? Yes, absolutely Mendez was the CIA agent. Argos exploits in in getting hostages American hostages who are living in the Canadian embassy and getting them out of Iran became the spine for the movie Argo. It's it doesn't matter how they tweaked the movie Argo. The fact is that he did this thing by creating a production coming every single thing that happened was made out of whole cloth. Tony Mendez is an American hero in here. What is all go mean? So after only mustering fourteen points in the first half the bed. Cats rallied thirty six in a second still not enough. They get nipped by the catamounts knits seventy eight fifty killed. Where was that game? That game was in Vermont, but say this is quite good there. This is the game before we had fifteen in the first half. Yes. What are we doing in the firsthand? What exactly are we doing against northwestern? We had seventeen in the first half. What are we are? We not ready to play today. Think the game is scheduled for an hour later you doing it appears as if they've been tough time getting getting going and plus the bench against six points on the bench. Yeah. That's John undefeated. They haven't been able to get over the disappointment of you not coming to the UN be. That's still lingering. You mentioned the again, did you understanding more about now? It's a really great game. I wasn't great. You'd be a great team a great team. Yes. And that was you know, you've got five guys who can handle it. And then do what they're supposed to do UVA's not gonna lose in the first round this year that they're not so good. Unlike years past they score. I mean, you know, they can that wasn't particularly high scoring, but they can score do do with two guys sending reddish hair in or something. I mean, the beating with guys like thirty something and thirty kit Williamson appears to be pretty good. He's about five combined threes for both teams like see jump shot. They had they took some shots, but they weren't dropping. Those are really good games up. Really michigan. The number two team in the country. -sconsin Maryland beat the other day easily. Yeah. Well, not easily but in the first half killing him and Kansas another took ten loser. They lose by one point two West Virginia. Mister, tony. Did you go to the NBA? And it looks like Lonzo bold is expected to miss four to six weeks. Four four to six four to six with a grade three left ankle sprain. So can I ask a question about this? Didn't the Lakers. Get Rajon Rondo. He's out to house. How? Six. Well, let's see. Now the couple weeks. I think did something arm. I think they won't make position until. Until..

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