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I would be surprised if they let him go. I I would rather have him then cloudy. Gimme two, but I'm a kinda truth or you know, that I don't I am. I would be the fact that they're giving him the franchise tag surprising to me. Really? I would let someone else pay. I really would y I just I don't know changed. I think he's extremely talented. But I don't know if he's ever going to be that force that is worth the Khalil Mack. Aaron Donald type of contract it's tough because you are like he's going to if he hits the market someone's going to pay him like he's going to be a fifteen second year guy. Correct. And he has that potential every single season. I just haven't been that guy. He he's not that guy to me. He's not that type of past. Version. Why opinion I think he's very versatile. He does a lot of things pretty well. I don't think he is a top twelve defender in the NFL if you let him go and he wins defensive player of the year. You're going to get fired. But I don't think that happens, but there's a world, and what that happened, certainly sure. But I I would be willing to make that. But I think you should keep him. I think franchising him make sense. I would not be the team to give them a long-term Bulow. I don't disagree with you. I Thomas hasn't go to the Cowboys. And if that happens, I think turned Matthew, it'd be a great fit for the Niners with a detection Chilean thing is why didn't they why aren't they signed him already if they're gonna I don't know. That's a good question. Maybe Bob McNair died. Maybe they just didn't there just weren't in a position to make big moves until you know, things were more settled during the off season. But I I assume he also wants to see how the market kinda went a little bit. Sure. Why not? I mean, you signed a one year deal, you proved it now, let's see what you're worth how much would you give him feel comfortable doing it? Ten. Yeah. Probably in that range. That's fair. I again, I was would hopefully having the guarantees packed into the first couple of years. He's had issues staying healthy over the course of his career. He's been much better than the last couple reasons. Do you think Landon Collins leaves the giants do very sad? I don't understand why just one of those guys. Even in the moment. I sure giants fans are sitting there be like why are we letting this happen? The reason for this like are we descended safety other players who I'd I'm not aware if it safety the giants have. So if he leaves the team that I connected him with a you had them spending on trae flowers. I put him in Detroit. I could sit that I think they need help on the back end. I mean, it's their Quadri digs is not somebody necessarily that. It's going to be the answer for the next several years. I think Landon Collins is a potentially Blair clever Quinn's probably moving on at this point. I said Washington make sense us because they are very thin and safety now do to swear injure, they I guess through a hissy fit and got rid of. I don't know why. Ha ha Clinton fix their best player. He was their literal. Best buy your on either side of the ball. Here. Ha ha Clinton Dix. Free agent. We I'm not on this list. But I think he's going to go somewhere and define buzzer..

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