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Here's financial editor, Len Walter, ladies and gentlemen, the stock market moved up sharply rival over the opening bell with the Dow gaining three hundred and twenty three points in the blink of an eye. It's sixty points under that right now it said about twenty three thousand eight hundred sixty four up to one hundred seventy one NASDAQ up fifty seven the SNP better. By about twenty meantime, the Wall Street's indexes redo remain in correction territory. Oracle stock is up three point three percent software maker arising nicely after forecasting strong KARN. Quarter profit on growth in its cloud business. Boeing gaining for the first time in about four days rising. Four point three percent company increased its dividend and share repurchase program Johnson and Johnson up. One percent after falling nearly thirteen percent in the past two days on a Reuters report of telecomm- in baby powder. Economic data. Also a little bit mixed today. Data showed US homebuilding rebounded in over number on the surge in multi family housing projects. But construction of single family homes that are one and a half year low that points to a deepening housing market weakness. I could spill over to the broader economy building permits increased five percent to a rate of one point three million units in November powered by jump. In the volatile multifamily, housing sector T mobile and sprint have won backing for their big twenty six billion dollar merger from a couple of national security reviews today, clearing key herbals and their bid to tie up. Amazon plans to create six hundred new technology jobs in downtown Toronto and Navistar reported better than expected quarterly profit and revenue today rent a center, Terminator a deal to be acquired by vintage capital management. Twitter. Shares falling today after the.

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