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I ought to give him suvs and if i'm in the hell housing business and i find out they want to story houses built twostory houses or the shoe business and they want round choose make brown shoes that's all that's all perfectly not only okay that's what good business people do but this one business that should be different from every other business and that's the news business but in cable news what happens is each of the channels gives the audience what they want they pander to the tastes of the audience people didn't leave cbs and nbc and abc and go to box because they wanted fair and balanced it wanted there they just didn't like the bias they were getting at the networks they wanted a different kind of bias for the most part not every show you had a great show but but this is is a certain cake at fox justices certain take it a msnbc and a certain take its cnn and what they've gone news they said we know what our audience once and we're gonna give bill customer what he wants it's good for cars in shoes but it's not good for news and that's what's happening and i think that's a major story and a and in under reported story when you're not going to hear about it on cable of like the new york times runs a lot of stuff and you know what one other thing the new york entrepreneur on stories about how fox news is the arm of the republican party nor you they wanna do that do it i don't care but they don't acknowledge that cnn and msnbc have a distinctly anti republican anti trump nora nor do they aaron arm of the democratic party the new york times as i nobody leaves uh okay now so you i'm gonna i'm gonna.

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