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Been I don't know if it was on purpose or accidentally, but she'd been included in this whatsapp group with these goals have created. They were literally slate her personality, ripping her tisch rates. It was almost a that left voice messages and video clips and pictures on how much they hated and have it what they would love to detour. And all these things was just really radio. Awful thankfully she. Knows that she can trust me. She knows she feel safe with me, insert. She came to me and she showed me what had actually gone on. but we managed to. Actually you know talk through the situation in a very logical way, so the first thing is as we manage to separate what had actually happened from who has a person, so yes, there was this emotional thing that happened. Why were these kids? Doing this, would they thinking this way that had nothing to do with the had everything to do with their own experience growing up vase stories growing up. And we within able to. Also deal with her emotions around it and face affected. Yes, she was feeding this way and I too was feeding. Pretty cut up about it. Any Momma, who is you know dealing with a child who's being bullied yet again? It's very very hard thing to go through and your own memories and experiences are popping in and going Oh. Gosh, here we go again and this was really difficult the last time round. So we had to sort of sit and. The reality is. that. This is not the same we know how to deal with us. And we all going to deal with us, but we were able to frame it. Using the characters that we have in the book to actually understand what was happening to understand that face story had nothing to do with her story and. Then worked through those emotions with three, what the beliefs were in what was being, said in her mind, and actually go right now we're at a point where we can start applying logic and reasoning, so it was also a way for me to make sure that I was keeping myself in check that I was in letting my emotions..

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