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These guys to to talk more yeah and and develop more of like bringing who they actually are into the microphone and so the big thing is digs nick and even i mean zito jordan and todd even everybody me as well nobody was used to being on microphone on regular guesses right there's a steep learning curve because our first show he had a couple of hundred thousand downloads and this is your first time on a mike nick and digs it's like okay so there's no learning curve here there's no like you get twenty of your friends that listen to the first couple of episodes then like fifty of your friends whenever you're on like episode six or seven maybe by episode fifteen might have like a couple of hundred people downloading it's going well having a couple hundred thousand people here the first time you're on a microphone is very interesting place to be that's a very very interesting sure was learn quickly though and i think that's why like especially todd you drive ship and credible fashion and i think you guys have a good show i think it's a really good show i enjoyed and i've been very proud watching everybody get very comfortable in a microphone because it's something that's had to happen quickly very very quickly and all this all this like as of late in the past few months all this mike time of watching and you did it more than anybody else and we got the watch you a lot but to be in there and like it's awesome because i for this this couple hours we need you to be a sniper come in your patch show pick a funny spot nil it wait for the next one but then.

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