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There's never seems to be anything to talk about when we get together. Yeah. Yeah. Even in the off season during a pandemic, we find things to talk about it. It's just amazing. Baseball keeps in three, hundred, sixty, five days a year. Yesterday was normal season. If you had a normal season an lopsided game like that, you'd say, well, it's just one of those games and you try to get through it and you put it aside and in a way you go. But this account of of quote Unquote pennant race and you had two teams that were hot and there were the obviously Molina was hot. A lot of things happen what were your takeaways from some of? The things that you saw yesterday? Well, one of the things that happened early was a couple Hook Solo home runs against yeah clarity and know the first thing I thought in my mind is Cristiano has been having a terrible season so far and you know the fact that he's starting to wake up right now you know is one of the worst things that could possibly happen because we've seen he's dominated the cardinals pitching in the past. And you know the cardinals and brewers still at what seven games left at. Ed this year. So that was the first thing I thought obviously you jack clarity didn't didn't have his game let a lot of pitches in the Middle Plate and paid for it that put pressure on the Pan and then you know in the fifth inning frustrations you know starting to boil over at you know things happen that you just have to hope. Yaya Molina's wrist injuries could be serious enough to knock him out. They stayed in for two more innings but you know it's difficult to tell given you know his toughness level and tolerance for pain. You know you just have to hope that you won't have to go on the injured list because if he does, you know I, think everybody appreciates the shepherding. He's done of the rotating group of pictures that have come through there and. Not Fight Against Leaders Andrew Kisner but you know they would be it would be a noticeable drop-off. If you had your Molina can't play I. Didn't see him coming out I. I. knew he was frustrated with the previous. Ending or two before with the strike zone and striking out what was going on in the game clearly upset with Braun and the bench. I. I didn't see him coming out at that time and remember Wong was a scratch the game they had Thomas in the game they were they were limited with bench players. So I didn't see him coming out of the game he knows the situation he knows what's going on. You're on a great point Danettes thing that I ask about the other day and that was at the carnage only on which position players right now they need the extra pitchers obviously. But what that means is you only got three three hitters on the pitch and you know all the talk last night about you know what position player might come into pitch as AS Roma's pitching situation is they were they had fewer options you know among a position players remaining. So you know the.

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