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One ball onestrike dekalb here's the pitch it is strong on admit strike do he was not budding they couldn't get up to the vast while the shortstop escobar right is bull i was going into his motion he cut over to second base like there was supposed to be a pickoff play and belie went ahead through the pitch there was nobody at shortstop that would look real bad for the twins if aaron hill it at a groundball too short twins it was ju what was it last week when they turned a triple play of grumbled third one a twoday hill the pitch is popped up by home wait castro coming back will he have roma he will baixa captured front of the backstop odd number one giants fans are restless and not happy with that up at an exotic rate at that does he comes up any still spot where your best hitter likely will get pitch to some degree now bill i'll give pitch clothes he carefully fi walks into loads the bases hunter pence quitting ondeck in a more normal circumstance you say well that's great protection for bosie and it still is pence is definitely a threat and dangerous but he's not been swinging the bat as well as buster has so we'll see posy against belie all here five four twins i and ii now one out jose seeing belie all plenty in the past is five for fifteen against him the pitch off the inside ball one five for fifteen with a home run and a double plus a couple of walked he's only struck out against belie a one time that does give you the idea that posey fifteen a bad spread out over several years but it gives you an idea that he sees the ball well against while clusters ahead of a cow londono hosie one four three but he's driven in two of the four giants runs basit knock said the tying run at minimal here he swings in one foul third base side fastball from the z hard chopper was foul on one.

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