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Diplomatic dance and as i say this is a a reality check for all of us jonathan marcus it's an extraordinary act of reconciliation anwar ibrahim has been released from jail as promised by his former political nemesis the country's new leader mahatma muhammad mr anwar was originally jailed twenty years ago for what he said were full soda meet charges he was imprisoned again in two thousand fifteen by ninety bras the man who lost power in a shock election results last week to the ninety two year old dr maha tear at a noisy news conference in kuala lumpur the seventy year old mr anwar said he believed malaysia was on the verge of a new era there's a new dawn i think that'd be put them in this year me chinese indians gutters and even then tire spectrum gutless of liz religion whose food by the principles of democracy and freedom correspondent in malaysia jonathan head has been witnessing these historic events crucial part of the agreement between the opposition movement that anwar lead and mahattaya muhammad who in the end proved decisive and getting enough support to overcome a system that massively favors the the former ruling party and brought about this historic election victory and what you were has already been meeting the king inside the palace that's extrordinary to the king even wanted to see him i'm just thinking about it this man was convicted prisoner officially a criminal justice you hours ago he's not getting audience with the king obviously his partnership with mahatma hamad is going to be the key to how malaysia moves forward now these are two men who were very close process jay and mentor back in the nineteen ninety s who fell out don't tomorrow it here the current prime minister actually had input in jail first of all on these trumped up sodomy charges well two periods he sentenced spent inside in the nine thousand nine hundred and there's been a lot of bitter comment.

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