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Angeles. I'm it in the face in for Kyra Stall. It is Friday, the 25th of December. Good to have you all along and Merry Christmas. Everyone celebrating So what a week. It has been. Feels like a lot happens. Yeah, not much at all. Congress did pass a $900 billion covert relief bill on Monday. We just don't know when or if President Trump will sign it, So we're going to dig into all of that. And here to do it with me is too deep. Ready from politico and Catherine Rampell from the Washington Post. Hey, you two Hey, Reema. So, Katherine, I want to start with you yesterday. I saw this tweet, I think really encapsulates what's going on here? And basically said so often when we talk about what's happening in Congress or the White House, it's easy to talk about it like it's a TV drama right or in this case, it feels like a bit of a Christmas showdown. But I think it's really important here. T Keep in mind the stakes, right? The stakes are really high. Can you remind us? I mean, what does this really this dysfunction mean for people for Americans? The longer this bill is held up, it means people will be hungry. People will be evicted. People may go into bankruptcy. They they May go into foreclosure. There are 14 million people who are estimated to lose their unemployment benefits alone effectively tomorrow the day after Christmas. If, in fact, this bill isn't signed another 30 million Americans who are protected by an eviction moratorium will no longer have that protection at the end of the month. So this this has real consequences, right? This is not just about, you know. One upsmanship or political game. People's lives are on the line. They need the food aid. They need the unemployment assistance they need the rental assistance. That is part of this bill, not to mention the many small businesses, of course that are teetering on the edge. That could also use the $300 million in in small business loans that is wrapped up in this bill as well. Yeah, we're actually gonna get into that little bit later in the show. Also, there was a great article in The Washington Post from your colleagues this week about how you'll have just been flooded with messages and calls from people who, as he said her about to lose their homes are going hungry. And if I like the general sentiment there was you know, how can people in Congress that the president? How can they sell their Christmas when, as you said, 14 million Americans are slated to lose unemployment eight tomorrow. Yeah, I mean, it's it's It's really a stark contrast and look, Congress came to an agreement. It took a long time It took many months for them to hammer out a deal. It's not a perfect deal, but it's one that's necessary. And then, of course, Trump seems to have blown that up. Hopefully not irreparably. Yeah, and so deep. I want you to talk a little bit about the politics. So there's been a lot of back and forth this week. Can you give us a recap and give us a sense of what could possibly happen now? Yeah, This is ah, very weird situation where the president and his team negotiated an aid package really? Just a week ago and came to an agreement with Democratic leaders in Congress, Republicans, Democrats actually coming together and willing to give up some of their preferred Policies and got something done and a scaffold said Nothing here is perfect, but it is something that is absolutely believed to be necessary by people across the political spectrum. This was overwhelmingly accepted in Congress. You rarely see votes like this that are so lopsided and then for the president to come out and say. No, I want more after hit already really stood on the sidelines during a lot of the discussion. He could have pushed for more. You could have made this happen. But it takes a lot to get something through Congress is takes a lot to get Congress together. When you've got something lawmakers spread across the country, we need to travel back in. I still I find it hard to believe the president will actually veto this one and let the government shut down on Monday were Just a few weeks away from the end of his term. Does he really want a government shutdown on his hands? But it's just all so hard to believe the president's protest in decisions that he himself made just one week ago. He could push for this, and then you can keep pushing for more on Deacon actually get his party to do more if he wanted to, But he just hasn't weighed in and coming in after the fact it's just bizarre politics. Uh, well, there's our policy. Right, right. And so, yeah, as you all, said, quick notes. Quick SparkNotes. Recap here. Bunch of unemployment benefits expire tomorrow. Government funding expires Monday. And as of now there's no real pant plan to keep the government open the city if you don't think it'll lead to government shutdown Well, it just seems it seems like the president's gonna have toe accept what we've got here and what this move forward. All people want is for this virus TB under control. There were so many millions of people who for no fault of out of no fault of their own. They're struggling hotel workers, airline workers, restaurant workers, millions and millions of more from other industries. And they just want a stopgap. They just want to get through the next few months. We have hope on the other side. We've got vaccines rolling out way can see the end of this and you just need to get over this final hump. And it's not as heavy of a list lift, as it seemed to nine months ago to get to the other side, and we just need to push through to that end. Mm hmm..

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