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We're going to be hopping GAL chuckle. A little bit with you. Guys don't have a couple of legal. Shay just stole your unpaid position Louis. Go hang out in the other room. Talk with his hands. Yeah and then you'll get a big reception when you come examine seniors. You know to be honest with you. That's what they were already pre exposed to be. Yeah leave them wanting more true. Oh yeah you know what. I'll see you guys next week. Yeah let's start over next week dude. Let's go Bobby those two slots of beer one one beer split though liquor and they got a port right down their throats real deep. You Fuck We. You only have cans. You'RE GONNA have to really stretch this sum bitch out food and no teeth or you lose. We have a great show planned today. Look at all that highlighter. Shit I got notes fucking Karen here. We got derosier. Also what I've noticed because Jon Derosa at a wedding last weekend derosa. There's two different versions of Joe. derosa there is New York droese which is a ball. Buster like like a fucking New York fucking trashy guy. He'll fuck and give it to you. Sit Down I just saying the same thing in different ways he gives you the Business Razan a couple of fucking hat you do so. The Old Hills xenia less jody Rosa in La away just struggling to get out of that description Roseanne. Nice fucking how do you do gay all of these roses roses existing in the twenty s. But here's the thing you're also. The West arose is kind of like. Yeah see you should see southern Florida You're seeing me only nine stuff. It is a tax letters different personality in every we city Chicago chose a real Gubbio. You called me on it because we share that cabin together at that wedding we were at and you you said something and I was like shut the fuck up and you're like You know New York Joe Bothers me because you're a real fucking and every time I see you in La but it is true every time you uh-huh genuine. Hello makes me fucking sick. Both roses bother me to be honest with you fair enough. I don't like any jody Rosen. What city were they? Don't set well me. Ah I never said I love myself but yeah now there is. It is a different energy out. They don't nobody post balls out. There sucks so bottles up. It's like when you when and you don't drink for two weeks and you hit the bar just like jot shot you come back here you got to get it all out of fucking like Aria shipping out. There artist to there was some ball. Busting going on a pretty fucking Ari will bus balls. But even that crew is they're not a ball busting balls Aria criminally doses. This is friends ours. You're doorknobs like Kreischer into Gore. They're like very genuinely nice. They're gonNA balk very guys you know what I mean. Hinchcliffe inch cliff a little bit. Hinchcliffe would is fucking rotten Goblin face. I told Jana the Tony looks like you just scurried out of the labyrinth. uh-huh searching for the Crystal Henchman full bus. Ball's a little bit. But only Tony's it's very different than New York is jabs back and forth. You know what I mean the real insults Tony's version of Schick Tony. It looks like you WanNa J.. Check because they should Eric Gordon how do you what would you do if I told you. There was bombs planted in preschools all across. Would you answer my riddle. Then ridler joker I was. It was a nice twist riddler show. Yeah but Tony Tony Tony. Like New York ball busting is back and forth. You know Tony's version ball buzzing as he gets shit faced at the back part the comedy store you walk up and you go. Hey tone and he goes fuck. Yeah all right man. I'm just razzing yeah so so it's You get out of here you got to you know once a matter for a while it's GonNa go. He really got.

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