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It has spanned obviously seven decades but sutter revolution as the like in the beginning. You had your minneapolis. Lakers sent was atlanta. Saint louis hawks i. I'm really not sure if you know there's enough people who know what it was like back then a it's a completely different game. That rules for different you. Dribbling itself was passing lot most more forcefully than it went into the sixties where the boston celtics rather no matter. Not without doubt. You had the bill. Russell wilt chamberlain. I ended up so many people who played him. Just you know became gate because they were part of that winning celtics team you had the philadelphia warriors lakers kept going to the finalists. Losing goodhue losing And then you went to the seventies where. Aba came into the bitter and then merged with the nba. Three point started becoming a thing that even boulevard made his appearance. Dr d a lot. More of that you know like flashy self in the nba. Lot of cocaine lot of drug use lot of unprofessionalism and not that much revenue as well. Then you come into the eighty s and magic and bird come in tv. Revenues soden davidson becomes the League amish eighty-four lee eighty four draft happens michael jordan. Aki talks about three john. Stockton and all those play boom boom boom. And then just you know. The nike sued happens. Eggs happen. nineteen ninety-two happens. Your dream team becomes. Goes there spencer game to a lot of countries. A lot of people like oh my god. Wow the ninety s happened jordan. Dominates in his winning it becomes the biggest superstar. Ever lebron falkoner sports. Yeah exactly like and and then the so many michaels who are great. You had mike tyson. You had michael jackson magic johnson. Michael jordan johnson. All john's ford ended homer. Michael johnson that on mike and holding the older but yes the baller was eight hundred eighty s era. I mean good but he didn't have good enough t-ball anyway whatever and then then one to The sack koby. Tim duncan dirk nowitzki. Then lebron dance comes in then steph gotti at. I don't wanna call it a robert i think the atkins nostra vita jaanus cihan. Why not why not. Yeah and the league has seen such a wide variety of this all through the time From realty just to how games i've watched the palace a turning point the league just completely shook up the entire you're addressing tried to move hip hop out of the game so much cultural influence today anywhere. People are playing basketball. The how steph curry undermined the have know. Shoot three pointers. Do this do this. There's so many styles of the game. What is i mean i. I know you've talked about it. But like still. What is your favorite of the nba as a analyst as an analyst you eighty s would I think they're stilo basketball played the quality of alan Not only quarter gift. Alan redacting the played a bass kind of basketball. That had a good mix of like outside the bossing big man game Lot of different types of blair's emerged with different styles. Unique styles play styles and so for me the abc's liz. Hal sutton.

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