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Invited to those pages. Were god will show me something that i want that i didn't know i wanted. We're god will show me something. He wants for me. That i didn't know he wanted for me and sometimes they're really awesome things and sometimes they're really scary things. When god told me to go to seminary i was very scared of that. And i'm loving it. It's hard but i'm loving it. Some thirty seven four says delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Of course we know that god is not a gina bottle where you rub the lamp and get whatever you want but as you delight in him as you seek him as you spend time with him in silence and solitude is you pray as you shut out all the voices of instagram. Social media. Peer pressure kids screaming for blueberries at six. Am you can have a moment to shut that al and you delight in him and you seek him he can show you what you want. He will show you what you want and more than that. He'll show you what he wants for you. And as we know his plans for is are not only good. They are more than we could ever ask. Or imagine so while it's good to think about what you want and that's a great exercise and a good practice an important to get back in touch with what's even better is asking god what he wants because his plans are so much better than our plans. That's a great question. I hope this helps point you in the right direction to figure out what you want and what god wants for you all right. Y'all thanks so much for joining me as always and for more encouragement of becoming the person you want to be you can visit christy wright dot com..

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