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Oakley and i did i understand the like ability but here is explaining the internet last night at madison square going to get relief from put in jail then got released any talked on camera i will have to leave the bill that's why that's where you leave because so what or do you do leave ally i've been hit forty minutes when the welcome to two big arm well there are reports this morning and and again there are countering reports but he's a he did share right behind the owner james dolan he was like three rose backup james dull one and looking at oakley is history what it be shocking if the snipe the little adam here's oakley on a white got physical i mean we do also well well the ball you you got to the tickets but if it's which one of your full of i've been job before i know the minute they go way you see cellmate tig as more than the bone you had that racial so to be ready for details the sloppily charles nobody jump to you nobody jumped you eat what challenge each initiated the contact you pushed security huge you show up security twice nobody shoved you charles no but you completely a nation needed all the physical contact like you did in las vegas this is not about the security that should be charles pushing the security okay then they escort him off now is he loved in new york yes and partly because people hate james dolan in new york city play of what they carry well harden so we're here and though people know the way i've played out with that he said i would the best player but he won't play remain this with the will to play harder doubtful yes he did he was a i understand the love this is how people felt about dale davis in indiana and this is how people felt about ritmo more and i completely get that don't get me wrong i understand but the enforcers now ten fifteen twenty years later one to be traded like charles barkley and charles oakley okay charles barkley get to be i p status everywhere michael jordan does.

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