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All right everybody it is played for you Amy Colbert shar play her again would you play that number eleven again because this is a very important issue in Los Lobos the needles we need to take on those pharma companies and make them pay for the addiction that they have caused in the people that they have a hill thank show thank I'm curious and I really am curious hello people use the term as a way of saying they disagree I am curious I don't claim to know the answer here Ellen challenging it I don't know the answer why are pharmaceutical companies responsible for opioid which is sexually pain killer addictions that kill people the plan is going to cost at least thirty trillion dollar always at about okay we went up to their that's an interesting interesting point though that you want to play there's not a subtle way of saying move on what I have to deal with ladies and gentleman this is where my salary comes from so what would America be better off if the companies did not make a opioids or they would they be better would be better off if they didn't advertise them can you advertise all sorts of other drugs like for diabetes I don't I I never quite get answers to this but but that's the but that's the way the left works gun manufactures a responsible for gun violence open your manufacturers but did but they don't hold this across the more that's why I say that nobody it is amazing to me how the alcohol manufacturers get away with the may have that alcohol causes okay and okay let's go to Biden whom he sneaked in there earlier the player is going to cost at least thirty trillion dollars over ten years that is more on a yearly basis then the entire federal budget and we talk about how we're going to pay for this is the study recently came out for all go ahead for the study recently came out showing that in fact it will reduce cost but for people making between fifty and seventy five thousand dollars their taxes are going to go up about five thousand dollars because the fact is they'll pay more in new taxes seven point four percent plus or five percent plus of four percent income tax if you make it for firemen and a school teacher making a hundred thousand Bucks a year their taxes going to go up about ten grand that is more than IT way will possibly save on this healthcare plan we have a plan that will work all right so there's been a lot of for critique of the Medicare for all plan on on the part of other Democrats I think it's a no brainer for of their winning an election I have to say it is it's still it's still a it's still too far for most Americans and the idea that you have to give up your your own the the freedom that it deprives you of let alone the good health care of the private health care the audacity of it all reviews own is a product that I any have brought to your attention I've gotten some really wonderful feedback reviews own is composed solely of O. E. A. forty eight is apparently manufactured in the human body with it what it does is it tells the brain you're full when you're full the week plus I'm such a believer in even less than I fast each day about fifteen to eighteen hours find it pretty effortless but not many people don't I'm not asking you to by the way review does not asking you to fast eighteen hours a day or fifteen hours a day it's S..

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