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Thanks to netflix for giving us access early to watch Reading i read my read. My comments I've been seeing feedback from people all day. Who are watching it and It's it's mixed like i expected just like siege. I find the series incre. This is no spoilers is incredibly boring. And that's my biggest problem with it. Amplifies everything else. But i was thinking guys when we were talking about this pre pre show. You think. I honestly think if the there's more oath and passion and Better sound mixing that it might beal. I might enjoy it more. It's just the way i describe it. It feels so passionless that it has to be intentional. And it's almost like any passion is extracted from it frame by frame it's being produced. I think budget constraints may have also been an issue because like every time you see like lauterbach running away. They don't transform and drive away the physically run and i'm like it would be so much quicker for them to just transform drive because they go fast. I mean it. I don't know. I mean once you have the models and everything done. I don't know if the cost that much more to to do anything with it my problem with it just I mean. I think it looks great. I think it's like nine tenths of where where it needs to be to be really great. Potentially maybe it's slight exaggeration. But i think that if they can just inject some excitement into it in maybe more consistency with you know like any type of characterization that we've seen in the past with these characters. It might be a little more enjoyable. I have. I think two point they will share on this one is that i one of the biggest things hamstringing. This is the episode count. Yes because they're trying to do so much with six. Twenty two minute episodes it six episodes right twenty two minute episodes. They're trying to do like a thirteen. Or maybe even twenty episodes season's worth of content in six twenty two minute episodes and colleagues have to be boiled down to basically just the bullet points of the plot with no room to expand that next week flesh out the story. They're trying to tell in between those points. The the other thing is and this may be a product of how it's structured and paste. I just don't think the series is made with me in mind. Yeah me too. So i've had a couple of friends who reviewed it Try to talk me down from it and try to make me Try to make me see the light and one said basically this is for the trump this is for the person who watched transfers the movie you know like a hundred times over the course of their life and nothing else translated but yeah. That's not me so over the course of one summer Exactly right like in a way. I think siege actually kind of came across a little bit better because the story was. I won't say smaller and a little bit more tightly focused. It wasn't trying to do as many things as earthrights is doing. If earthrights had maybe even just four more episodes to expand some of this into actually let some of these processes develop a little bit more. There would have been some interesting things going along here. They just did not have the time or space to actually like dig in and take advantage of some.

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