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I don't know it seems like people have a hard time not doing it i'm i'm just wondering why that is if you know if it is something where we're really not being more productive and in fact we're being less productive why do you think it is that we keep doing multitasking two reasons chris one is that we're under the illusion that it's working and so if you brain is telling you i'm good at something you keep on doing it but as a neuroscientist i can tell you one thing the brains very good at is selfdelusion so just because we think that it so doesn't make it so and experiments bear that out both from brain scans and from workplace experiments the second reason we do it is that it makes us feel productive and it feels good to us to be doing all these things there's a neuro chemistry behind this every time we can tick off a little task on our internal to do list we get a little shot of dopamine and every time we pay attention to something new we get another shot at dopamine dopamine is the chemical in the brain that makes us feel good it's what mediates pleasure and we set up what is a physiological dopamine addiction loop where we crave more dopamine even though the dopamine is being produced for things that aren't productive you're listening to motley fool money talking with dan levitin his new book is the organized mind thinking straight in the age of information overload one of the things your book gets into is sort of how we can.

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