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We're going to learn more about How we set expectations at home. I mean talked about boundaries. But it's also when we have multiple people working in the same house. You may be coming into an environment where you have a partner roommates or parents or whomever you live with. Who have been working from Hala Ready. And you're invading their space and you need to negotiate that you can't just plop the laptop that and say okay honey here. I am in You got to move over there. It's going to be a negotiation and I think having conversations ahead of time however abrupt. This is happening for people taking the time to sit down. Figure things out and saying this isn't the way it's always going to be. We have to start this way if it doesn't work readjusted because we need to make it work for whatever period of time is to come magic's who got the idea of finding space. Who got the idea of setting some rules and expectations around how you blamed your home? Life New York. Forget from separate next in the book you've got a section and learning remote tools and obviously we're not going to go into exactly what those tools would be on this podcast but it's worth maybe having a conversation bite. The kind of expectations are reasonable to have arraigned video conferencing and teleconferencing systems and digital systems. That you might be unfamiliar with and being able to think about how we can anticipate what those friction points might be in high to high to work around them. I think that's a great thing because as I was saying earlier I think a lot of people have never been in a situation where they're doing video with other people. Maybe ever maybe a little facetime or other kinds of WHATSAPP or other sites of. I don't know if the kids do that. What whoever does that talk you you doing. Some kind of a one to one too many one. You know many many face conversation but socially or for gaming or something like that but this may be the first time people professionally have to do something where they're in a meeting and I was doing a video meeting I should say and I was doing a contract job a few years ago and we were using Zoom was relatively new then and it was I think forty to sixty people would be at the stand up meetings we had and they're actually run really well and you can see everyone's face and I just thought this is the weirdest thing to have this many people but it actually was kind of a cohesive thing with so many of those people working remotely there only a few people in that organization in any central office and I think it did. Help US communicate better. So there is that advantages. You may wind up communicating with people. You never have before they're always been email or phone or something and you may wind up in these video. Chats I think you set up a space a little bit again. That curtain idea is also useful to set up a background for yourself. If you're using SKYPE SKYPE has a button. You can click that blurs your background. Which is kind of cuts? You out around You may want to get There's this hilarious thing. It's like a peacock fan that you can velcro onto the back of a chair and it gives you kind of A. It's like a game of thrones style without the sword. Just a big background behind you. So when you're close up with the cameras the blue background or green background behind you so that people don't see the rest of your house. I've hung hooks in my ceiling in the basement. So I can hang a curtain or a backdrop and backdrops for very cheap. I just bought actually for for fun. Podcasting I bought a Just today I got it because I'm doing more of it. Twenty dollars you know so seventeen. Eighteen pounds It's a backdrop of old book bindings like bookshelves and things like that. It looks like I'm in some ancient library. It's very cute. It's photo printed. It looked surprisingly good. A little out of focus on the camera So that may be part of the professionalism thing is. What do you want to see how people see behind you? You're set up with a good Mike. Let's say good headset. So you can be heard and you have to think about if you're a person who wears makeup. Do you want to put up make up for this? Is that part of how you feel professional or how you want to present yourself to the world. Do you wind up trying to figure out how to get your hair cut. All the hair salons are shot as they are in Seattle right now. I'm looking at a little a little afraid with my. I don't know that much hair but it standing on end So these issues people have had a face before and it can be daunting and some people don't want they have social anxiety or they simply don't want to be engaged video conferencing and they may be told they have to be told as part of the job. You may have to communicate that that disease and may be able to negotiate only doing audio or doing very little of it to a quite difficult thing to negotiate as some people may have perfectly justifiable reasons not to want to have. The video turned on on their laptop. Whether that's to do with their personality or their situation and we shouldn't judge that but I did see some narratives around and it's quite true using video does give you an opportunity to use. Non Verbal cues right if you're all if if there's any more than two or three or four people in a group. Coal is quite hard to to to interrupt each other and crosstalk against each other. And you got the you know just saying you've got that going on. If you can have video then you can raise your hand or you can indicate otherwise that you want to take the floor or otherwise and it's worth having somebody In such a chairperson role to a ringmaster Analogy to tame what's happening because otherwise it can be a bit of a free for all and you. You don't have the same fluidity of conversation that you have in a face to face conversation. We were also going to be craving Most of us I would never want to say everybody because everybody has their different A neuro types and different needs and different social needs. Some people do not like the people they work with. Some people loved the people that work within socialize with them are missing that time during the day after outside of work so this video conferencing for some of us will serve as an additional bit of socializing that we're not gonNA get and his estate may come and go that we get to see other people to some extent in person or not. Video is not a replacement for in person communication. I think that we we know that. And you know we've been talking to our kids about like you really need to get out and see people and then this happens. Oh great just use your video conferencing tools and the kids are all over it. They know how to use skype and zoom and facetime and other tools. The Kit your kids may be able to by the way. Teach you how to use these tools better than any other resource out there because they often use You know This tools on smartphones and tablets and sometimes hitters and know the INS and outs and I I think it might be a great opportunity if you have kids. Who who do that are the right age to help you? accustom yourself. They can even be good about getting you up so you look if you want to look a little better if you WANNA present yourself a little better it makes you happy not other people for yourself. Your kids might be able to help you with that to an as worth thing as well that I'm guilty of this myself thinking of videoconferencing as a of a transactional thing. We have to set up a meeting and a video conference about this. You could just use it to to to do a fifty minute. Coffee Break Right. You could just use it to literally hookup socialize with colleagues or far flogger family or whatever. It doesn't have to be a particular reason for it so whether that's My mother-in-law leading up story to my daughter over facetime over. That's you gathering ranges virtual water cooler with some of your colleagues just to chew the fat. We'll we'll leave. That tying for people who Is Say they will miss those opportunities to sort of blow off steam and you know try and reestablish the new normal and having a continuity of those kinds of conversations you would normally have as you prepared. Coffee are going to be really important to have to think about these tools as purely business productivity to lose weight exactly and you know some people this is harking back earlier section but I really think most people benefit from a second monitor or even you can use an IPAD as a second monitor with various software as well. If you're using a Mac you can use an android tablet with windows other systems. Lots of ways. You can use repurpose a tablet as well as just getting a second monitor it. You got a second monitor. Some people do office cooler and this may become even more common where you set up a window. Maybe it's zoom window or something where there's a lot of video going on everyone's muted. It's off to the side and it gives you gives you the sense that people are around so that you're not as isolated for some people that's torture for other people workgroups. They may decide to do it because they're in such consultation and people may Unu- themselves as they need to raise a point. You may working separately. Allegri every twenty five minutes. You break your activity. You Chit Chatter or up to each other. What's going on for five minutes? There's all these strategies you can do that you know again. You have to think about yourself as an individual. Don't expect say to you. Video conferencing has to happen. Your boss May tell you this but no-one should advise you. I should say the video conferencing is good for. Everybody always works. It's absolutely necessary but for many people maybe most people I don't know seeing the numbers or we haven't seen Some form of is going to help you with homeworking It can also help you. In the social circumstances we talking about too is as you get familiar with video tools video conferencing tools. And you have it before. Then you may wind up using them and other social circumstances too great so the two more sections in the book. The next one is about pacing yourself about saving some Some rules that mean. You're practicing self care and that you're sitting at your work day in a way that makes sense for you. We've talked a little bit before. But what does this section of the cover but it's kind of how you take care of yourself inside of a new work environment and this advice I would say would work this part of the book it. I think any time that you're setting up a homework environment would work. It's actually strangely. The one normal. The book is whenever you start a situation which you are generally separated for other people and working. You're inclined to either under international say underwear but you're inclined to not understand the pattern of you work when you start. Because it's so different so pacing yourself as both about figuring out what the best way to What distractions exist that you should eliminate Antony Johnston is a terrific Writer writes graphic graphic. Novels is a mystery novelist. Science fiction novelist he had a great tip. And it sort of obvious when you hear it but someone has to say it to you which is if your job doesn't actively involve answering email. Why is your email program open or notifying you all the time and I thought? Gosh you know I do that. My job is an answering email. Why am I demand driven? I should change my own behavior Because my elbows being being being I get notifications so even things as little as that where maybe in an office. It's part of your workflow but you want to focus more One of the common techniques focusing is to eliminate distractions. Turn off everything. That's going on your computer. Put it in or phone device. Put do not disturb mode. There's even software called. Freedom is a well-known package available.

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