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After the prosecutor there decided he would not charge any police officers for last summer's shooting death of a black man. Kenosha County D. A. Michael gravely made the determination that the officers will not be charged for the shooting of Jacob Blake last August. Nor will Jacob Blake be charged even though he had a knife. Bravely said one issue is at the forefront. Really. The on Lee issue in this case would be do they have a right to the privilege of self defense Gravely says Circumstances showed the officers did anticipation of this lead to fencing in the federal courthouse. Local businesses also boarded up for protection. Ben Crump, the Blake family's attorney, said the family is immensely disappointed. By the D. A's decision. Colonel Scott Fox knew the number of coronavirus cases reported in the US since the start of the pandemic is now eclipsed 21 million more than 357,000 deaths have been blamed on the virus hospitals in California so swamped. The state has ordered those with room to accept patients from other hospitals that air out of intensive care beds, Hospitals and 14 counties have been ordered to delay non essential and non life threatening surgeries. In order to provide beds for covert patients in the midst of a pandemic, an unusual discovery at a New York area airport It's called Bush Meat. It's roller minimally processed meat and health officials say it's illegal to bring in the U. S. Because it can spread disease. Customs and border protection agents at Newark Liberty Airport say they intercepted several pounds of meat made from bats, Monkeys, cane rats An antelope A U. S citizen brought it on board A flight from Ghana. Eating bats could be particularly risky. Scientists suspect the Corona virus may have first been transmitted from bats to humans in central China. Tom Graham Fox News and I'm Jack. Tell him this is Fox News. Online sellers know how busy 2020 was. And 2021 is going to be even bigger. So get ready with ships. Station ship station makes it super easy to manage and.

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