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The Greek government was not toppled by the austerity measures inflicted by the European Union over several several years, but this a name drilled really don't deep into the a very strong sense of national pride that the Greeks have. Absolutely. And I, and I think that this whole story reminds us that in that Paul Two zero borders and national definitions are relatively new the borders were only drawn the collapse of the ultimate empire while berry one hundred years ago, the these are still in a sense ought to fischel into his that. They haven't existed for thousands of years. We. No since the collapse of Yugoslavia that when borders redrawn when national identities change, it can lead to huge amounts of passion. And a lot of bloodshed. I don't for a moment. Think that there's going to be a war between Greece and the Republic Macedonia for now. But nevertheless, you'll right of couse passions run very high. And it's you know, it it's it's easy to mock. And CEO for goodness sake on the more important things to worry about. But but the questions only density do run very deep, and they are important to people, and they can't be ignored. For a nationalist populist. That's that's the danger of them. I mean, if you whisper treaty of tree and all into the ear of a Hungarian and see what happens you, could you could really change the map of Europe. If they and there is a recidivist don't know, there's always a recidivist undercurrent in in Hungary, trying to get back all the territories lost. Then people. Remember these things. I mean, this is this is still the backlashes noodle. The after wash whatever the term is from the collapse of two empires. The Hungarian empire on the ultimate empire relatively recently in you know, the story of human history and some of those stories of not yet run locals finally continuing story Malaysia has a canoe king Sultan. Abdullah of Pahang was elected to succeed Sultan, Muhammad v just a few hours ago. He was the first monarch in the nation's history to abdicate. So this is quite a lively tale. I always find that monarchy's get sort of quite dusty and dry. But this is great fun. It's like a revolving door. It's a former ruling. Door. I mean, there is a system every five years Acton, you one and I love the election process. I don't if you if you read the election process that all the people in the room who are the heads of the provinces given to slip of paper with the name on it. Which kind of makes things simple from teaching monarchy. Rotating presidency of the European Union. It goes it's bugging his tongue and why not monarchy's by by definition or a bit bizarre. So when I have a rotating one, but I think the real fun is in in. Why did the other one abdicates? Determine not not to not to religious find that. Well, we have a Russian beauty Queen being named in. This sounds great. So he's going to he's going to put ten Ps worth of of what they think happened to Sultan Muhammed v. What if we're allowed to talk? French Chechen farm is is is that the story. This sort of thing that maybe Hello magazine could villa fan..

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