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Dedicated located two crushing internal unrest practicing drills well our hong kong bureau chief is james chambers and he joins us now on the line from hong kong james could you you bring us up to date with the latest please. Well most people will be aware. The hong kong airport was effectively shutdown this week on monday and tuesday by protesters <hes> <hes> i actually arrived back in hong kong last night and it's all <hes> up and running again. It was extremely quiet and you. There was no actually no signs of of anything having gone on in previous few days <hes> so while the airport is fully functioning now but as you said there's reports of these <hes> chinese military ah gathering in in shanzen the official <hes> reason for this is is preparing for drills as a big anniversary happening on october the first of the formation of the foundation of the people's republic of china <hes> so they officially preparing for for that kind of stuff but obviously we all know that <hes> they're eh just watching the situation in hong kong now <hes> i guess the fact that <hes> the airport was closed down that really has got everyone's attention and some some very ugly scenes at the airport <hes> since the protesters have left they they have taken a bit of time to reflect on on. I guess how how how the <hes> how behaved the during those times especially essentially <hes> detaining a couple of people and beating them up so there's a bit of <hes> it's quite quiet at the moment in hong kong but <hes> we're preparing for another weekend protest indeed i mean what does the the the presence of military police police conducting drills on the border do for those who intend to protest this weekend one suspects that they may be a chilling effect while it you can't ignore the fact that it's very deliberate is essentially it is a warning but <hes> you know when when you think about it <hes> it is it surprising that the the chinese government are being prepared or you know i in case <hes> something does happen that escalates it even further to to what we saw at at the airport so <hes> on you know on the one hand <hes> it's definitely a warning <hes> you know if if if protesters go even further than the chinese step in <hes> but there's also it you know it's i guess it's understandable that beijing would want to be ready if they do need to intervene <hes> but <hes> it's it's interesting how they're the johny government do <hes> many things to try and end this one is kind of hard power display that we've been talking about but there's a lot of other things going on and and the big focus right now today is <hes> is on the economy and business <hes> hong kong's riches manley cashing <hes> he's taken taken out loads of adverts in most of the papers basically calling for an end to the violence say enough is enough. If there's any more will risk risk <hes> you know hurting hong kong <hes> beyond repair now this <hes> this can be seen as a cynical response to a meeting the all these tycoons in hong kong or call to by the beijing government's <hes> a few weeks ago basically suggesting that they use their influence <hes> and try and i'm encouraged protesters in hong kong bring into this <hes> li ka-shing is notoriously influential people have often looked up to him in hong kong because he is incredibly enrich a self made man <hes> but <hes> he certainly doesn't have that sway anymore especially on the youngsters who are taking part in this and this could backfire arnhem indeed. It's the the advert that he's taken out. <hes> is is rather puzzling. Some might suggest i mean you say he's he's the richest man but he is urging people all to stop protesting in the name of love. He's saying love freedom. Love tolerance love the rule of law. <hes> arguably things at the protesters would claim claim is exactly what they were doing. Yes indeed it's you can see right through the you know..

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