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Described the witnesses and and this gentleman from Sweden also described normally the chela described with this witnesses would describe it would must name which stretches wings out and then it would just shoot up without actually flapping its wings so this is a strange bird and the but he also noticed that you know this witness from Sweden said Mr friends and that several people he interviewed would seem offense and soon afterwards they had poltergeist activity in their homes and Kiel had noted this and she also pointed out that then about you I think interviewed over hundred people all together to some sort of monster is killed called it and about half of those head had like active thank you could build these they seem prone to to have and Freeman nations are hold those type of fans any number of prophetic dreams one involving wrapped Christmas presents floating down the river tell me about that we had it was supposed to be some disaster on the Ohio River and and and then some like merry higher self so Christmas packages and her vision or dream and when she was there when the bridge collapsed and a few hours later she was on the phone with John Cale and she told him that it was exactly like wanted she's seen in her dream seeing Christmas packages on the river because the collapse of the silver bridge it took forty six lives occurred on December sixteenth nineteen sixty seven which is exactly thirteen months to the day that the Linder Roger Scott very and the other couple Marian's Steve's mallet had there flooding of the strange creature the team team whether any sightings of the mouth of the of the moth man in and around the silver bridge in December sixty seven.

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