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I mean, I guess I I don't know. How long were you in this pit like was it easier? Just to stay in between short takes or now. I I stayed in. Yeah. Oh, yes. Sorry. I'm saying, yes. I did stay in quite a bit. And yeah, I I remember I ripped the toenail off because my daughter just ripped hers off. I said, I no it happened. Because I was like this hard plastic. You know, and I like, you know, scrounge, whatever, wait a minute. You literally it it. Lasts a nail. Yeah. Yeah. Kit Kit where. where their fingernails sticking out. I know we're fingernails, but smells a little pinkie toe, though, that is the moment that coalesce to me is the scariest moment in the entire film. When you see that those because it says so much. It's gory. It's gross. But it just says this is your fate. Exactly go. I know that was the part that scared the shit out of me in the script because it literally said, you know, she sees a fingernail. She knows what's gonna you know, it all just. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think I could do it. Now, by the way, what do you really in? What way be now just the nature of it? I shouldn't say that. Because hopefully, someone will hire me again, but a sequel. Yeah. Or some? Yeah. I don't know. It was a lot. It was a lot. Yeah. So yeah. This is a strange technical question. But I'm always fascinated by people in films where they you see baby pictures of the carrier. So what is the process like do you have to contact your parents and go I need all these pictures in the give the studio a certain amount, and they choose how did that happen? That is exactly how it happened. And I had all these home movies. And my parents seem to be sort of hoarders. I don't. Because I've had to go through all the stuff, and there's so much of it. And I remember they were so excited because I found all these home movies on super eight, and I gave it to them. And then you could tell that whoever was it was their job to look through. These would write things like, you know, psycho beach party out of focus, you know, or whatever they're just right? They were so disappointed. They couldn't find anything. But that picture of me with my dog beaver that was a real picture. And I mean, they were all real pictures. And then that just horrible picture of me in seventh grade with my braces and against the tree like. So that's what it was. Yeah. Just gave him a whole bunch. How often is it that it rubs the lotion on its skin said to you. When is that just what people quote to you soon as they find out that? Yeah. From this film. They do get pretty tiring. No, no. I mean, it was weird shortly after when people would come up and say my boyfriend does that thing where he tucks his penis elmich. Great. That's great. Congratulations. Thank you. Yeah. So I don't know. But it's like you said, I don't always get recognized from it. Sometimes people hear my voice, and they, but I don't know was I talking like this when I was in the movie, I don't think so no, you're mostly screaming. Yeah. Here's a deep and see Matic question for this film. Okay. Was there any talk of the type of steamatic residents of you holding precious at the end and the image of Clarice holding the lamb when she escapes like I never caught that connection before. And I don't know if I'm reading too much into it. But it's like the way she describes getting out of that slaughter barn with one lamb in her arms. And there you are with a dog that looks a lot like a lamb. Yeah. If there was talk I was not privy to it. I just thought man I would never let go this dog. Right. I mean, I mean, you guys have been through hell together. Yeah. Although precious had a pretty good precious was complicity. Yeah. I know. Yeah, precious. She wasn't totally innocent. Why she fucking darla? God..

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