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Being prosecuted by a believe it was new york state against several of these companies that were caught for allegedly bribing schools and schools taking bribe money to shove crappy school food processed food to your kids lunches in exchange for kickbacks which is illegal it was a huge case and we got exclusive interview with the prosecutors in to describe this relationship that most parents don't know about why your kid has crappy school lunches and so on was a great story and we flew around the country and did good schools that had better lunches and a problem schools we had a whistle blower talking who had worked for one of these food companies and they were very excited about and i was doing it for the morning show because evening news with shining that kind of reporting that the morning show we thought was still taking some of this investigative reporting and they loved it loved it loved it and then i wanted to see a script how fast can you right at how fast can you write it and then before i gave him the script the day before his written they just said never mind and they never even saw the story or the interviews i had a nice ice said well what the heck is going on will you at least look at a script like no we don't really need to look at a script and my producer and i just racked our brain what on earth could we be stepping on whose toes and i gu i still don't know what it is by the way but i google school lunches just to see and michelle obama's name came up because she was getting involved in improving school lunches which i would think this would complement the kind of story i was doing that i just have an innate sense that maybe gayle king who is friends with you know the obamas on our morning show that maybe somebody put a stop to that story or thought it would reflect a negative light may be on the obama administration efforts which i don't think so but that's the only thing we could come up with in that story never aired what was the i school lunches.

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