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Good looking out on your head with the jump down to not only in the top of the first because that's what they do and at that point asus donde minute maid park looked on in silence until my man my guy Alex Bregman brought them back to life with a man on in the bottom half of the ending and that's well let two Astros radio at that point if you're an Astros fan you had to be feeling pretty good the bats have been very quiet especially with runners in scoring position but yet the potential AL MVP who just went yard this stadium shake once again and the Astros seem to have their mo Jo and their swagger back and I'm talking about the real last rose the ones with great pitching rock solid defense and offense the judge produces and that team was back but it wasn't right because just like mac sure is there the night before Stephen Strasberg might've been on the rocks early on what he quickly shook that off locked in and was filled the air as he ever was and then as each inning went by that yard got tighter and tighter Houston fans were gripping harder and harder and with good reason the Nasser damn good way better than anybody imagined probably even the Astros themselves hello yes Astros fans were worried but even in the worst of times there is no way they could have imagined what was going to happen next top of the seventh thirty six year old Kurt Suzuki leads off the inning he takes a ball inside and then he murders of ball suite a long drive failed he's got one okay the Crawford boxes his first career postseason all run to the national sleep the Astros three to two here in the seventh inning.

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