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Pepper sprayed this Air Force veteran in a wheelchair. And that's for the fight that source now talking to police, as in most instances where chaos is occurring, It's tough to have the whole story. So we're asking for your help. If you know who was involved, or he had video, please contact us immediately. The police chief sending out this video statement So far they've arrested three people incited another for the incident, saying there were aggressors on both sides, except violence doesn't further your cause or make our community any safer. Police Still investigating and more arrest could be coming at US. Fox 30 one's Alex Rose reporting dozens of people are out of their homes after a weekend fire at an Aurora housing complex. Fire officials say the flames broke out Saturday morning at the Red Sky condos near Abel Boulevard in East 6th 2 units took on most of the damage, but five were affected. The cause of the fire is still under investigation has been one year since the death of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein's death was yet another blow to the women who accused him of sexual abuse. He'd escaped serious punishment for sex crimes against minors in Florida years ago. And even as he was one of the most high profile inmates in federal custody At the time of his death, he was still somehow able to apparently take his own life. But now, one year later in a jail cell, not far from where Epstein was incarcerated, sits Glenn Maxwell, the woman accused of helping facilitate his crimes. She's pleaded not guilty. Marker Malard, ABC NEWS New York. The Sturgis motorcycle rally underway even amid concerns about the Corona virus pandemic. NBC's Kathy Park Talkto one writer who made that journey second thoughts? No, it's It's folks, just one exercise their freedom. A rally, the largest public gathering in the U. S. Since the pandemic began. Many residents of Sturgis, South Dakota,.

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