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Good evening wherever you may be across the nation around the world. I'm George Noory. And welcome to coast to coast AM later on tonight the ghost stories. There's what's happening. A story. We just got an explosive device was found up the Westchester, New York. Home of billionaire, George Soros, the globalist the Wall Street Journal, citing local law enforcement reported that police received a phone call from the residents about a suspicious package it employee that works at the home found the package opened it revealing what appeared to be some kind of explosive device the employees then place the package way out there in the wooded area until authorities had arrived. George Soros is eighty eight years old. He is a billionaire. And of course, he is a true globalist. United States sent two warships through the Taiwan Strait in the second such operation this year as the US military increases the frequency of transits through the strategic waterway despite opposition from China, the voyage risks further heightening tensions with China, but will likely be self rule. Taiwan is a sign of support by president Donald Trump's government tensions with China. Big time as we've been reporting the polio like condition that has left children in twenty two states. Paralyzed maybe more widespread now than previously announced due to inadequate testing protocols and voluntary reporting requirements the centers for disease control and prevention reported that there have been sixty two confirmed cases of this so-called polio like condition. Well, President Donald Trump tweeted that the United States will begin cutting off foreign aid to countries that have failed to stop the growing group of thousands of migrants marching its way through Mexico and to the United States border. There are about a thousand miles away. There's one seven thousand people a thousand miles away, Mr. Trump lame Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador for not being able to do the job or stopping people from leaving their country. Dr John Curtis online columnist dot com with us John first of all I gotta ask you. I mean, these people aren't stopping why is it Mexico doing something about it? What you're George the they have figured lacked the resources to do many things the other thing that people need to realize. And of course, this is an election year. We're only two weeks out from the midterms is this is a great issue for Trump and the Republicans approval ratings have just been reported as really. Among the highest approval rating since obvious presidency now flows of immigrants have been going on for the last thirty years charge. This is nothing new. What's new about? It is that this is a particularly large group. But what it really reflects is the total failed states in Central America. Parts of South America, certainly in Mexico, where these these countries have just widespread anarchy, they have gangs, essentially control the streets that it's really truly an intolerable situation for these people they can't feed their families. And the only hope they have is to come at what they call L Norte, which is go north into the United States, which has an economy that's capable of absorbing these people. Now, the truth is okay for all those people that are anti immigration all this stuff. These folks come across the border illegally are the backbone of the unskilled workforce in the United States in every economic sector that you can imagine. So you you talk about hotels in hospitality and meat, packing and farming, and it just goes on and on of industries that hire illegals, including yes, the President Donald Trump hires illegals to really help with the maintenance of his properties, and in the construction trade. So the idea that this is now become like, a great political football forum is these flows of immigrants are not going to stop and they reflect the failed states over there. There's not gonna be any reduction in foreign aid coming from Trump. That's great. Stump speech, but it's not gonna happen. Congress is the one that allocates the money, and they're not going to cut the money to these governments because George what they know is that if you create more mass poverty over there, you're going to get even greater and more immigrants coming to the United States. But the fact is that we need these people essentially to do the unskilled labor that nobody is willing to do because the industry's sexually this country. Right now that they there's no way that they can fill those positions with just the normal US population. So are you just saying let the seven thousand illegals just walk right into the United States. Of course, not. But what I'm saying is that the when they pay the coyotes, you know, to bring them across through tunnels, or whatever the break is defenses that go on that thousands of miles of border that that's going to continue going on. And there's nothing in. Washington that can stop it. There's no immigration reform package of any kind of bipartisan package that's going to stop the flow of illegal immigration. It's purely a function of failed states in Central America. And the fact that we have an economy that supports this kind of a labor force, and it's gonna continue to go on off infinitum. This is going to be a disaster. John I just feel that something's going to happen here. A seven thousand migrants about a thousand miles away from the US border. A San Francisco judge denied Monsanto's request to Knicks two hundred fifty million dollar award to a man who said he got cancer from roundup weed killer, but she's also slashing the band's punitive award down from the two hundred and fifty million to about thirty nine billion dollars. Well, this is a bizarre story. But it's pretty darned serious. There are exploding toilets out there on the market in there being recalled about one point four million flush mate, flushing systems, sold at Home Depot are being recalled due to an exploding hazard..

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