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Sunday, the short-term severe threat through tonight will continue especially across parts of Mississippi. Alabama secretary of state Mike Pompeo said he's confident that the United States will continue its progress with North Korea on denuclearization. But for now international pressure remains in place today, the world's strongest sanctions UN Security Council resolutions, which may clear the. The nuclear station, but Graham, very competent will continue to move down the path of cheating up. President Trump open the door Saturday for third summit with Kim Jong two hours after the North Korean leader said he's willing to beat as long as the US offers acceptable terms for deal by year's end some pre-cut fruits are being recalled by Kato foods due to the possibility of Selma Nella contamination. Correspondent Marlins Maderas fills us in the US food and Drug administration says the recall includes cut watermelon honeydew and Cam produced by KEDO foods. The fruit has been sold under various brands or labels at Kroger. Walmart trader Joe's target and whole foods. Authorities say ninety three people have been second twenty three of whom were hospitalized. No deaths have been reported amended to five point three earthquake hit the west side of the big island of Hawaii. The US Geological Survey says parts of the island may experience. Strong shaking the Pacific. Sue, NAMI warning center of the national weather service says. Is there is no danger of a SU NAMI? I'm Barbara Kusak. ABC New York. Weekdays with Bernie in the morning.

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