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It's monday wads. Quite as i miss you guys well today. We're talking about gamers in politics this weekend. Congresswoman alexandria ocasio. Cortez did another livestream of the online game. Among us. with the leader of canada's left-leaning new democratic party jagmeet singh they were joined by representatives ilhan omar as well as popular streamers like hassan piker and pokey main and as hundreds of thousands watched they raise two hundred thousand dollars for food legal aid organizations in new york as we talked about before among us. It's kind of like the game. Mafia and to be really good at it. You have to be really good at lying. So aaron i question for you. Are you good or bad at lying to wingate's so first of all people who are truly good at lying never admit that they're good at lying. You always say you're bad at lying. 'cause like that's an opportunity to lie paradox. I'm a little more analog. I'm a little bit more of a balderdash person than i am. An among us person. Wow i have no idea what balderdash is. I've heard the word. But if i couldn't tell you it's a game for nerds where you come up with definitions to obscure words and you try to trick people into thinking the real definition. I would lose that just. Because i don't know i'm not gonna investigate if that's what you say it is fine and then i'll use it wrong and then i'll be mad at you. It's a it's a really fun game. You really only need a dictionary. A few nerds and some index cards. But i'm pretty good at balderdash. I'm bad at other lying games. Like poker My face just can't be tamed. But i think that. I'm i think i'm about average lying as part of gamesmanship. Same question for you akilah okay. Well i believe that. I am okay. So like specifically in among us. I am terrible and i think it's because it is such a fast paced game like you can like lie and poker with your eyes and just sort of like you know ease into it. No one's rushing you but with among us the moment somebody finds a dead body. You're just on the spot and what were you doing. And i'm like doing besides killing doing make something up to like. I was doing a task. We haven't seen. I don't know like i think i'm bad at coming up with like a convincing. Live right you know like with poker. It's like your cards are good or bad. The michael they could be good right. Who's to say that's more of a like philosophical question I don't assign value to these. But like anytime i'm really put on the spot. I think that it's i'm just gonna start laughing as i do. In all cases and people were pretty quick to be like. We're voting you out. It's also bad. Because i like literally get voted out. I'm innocent in among us. Because i start laughing. I think he wants to tear me like are you joking. Yeah just don't get it. That's that's a bad tick. If you're trying to fool people into thinking you're telling the truth also truth be told. I haven't played among us yet. I've wanted to. But i keep confusing among us with the last of us which is oh in-depth. That's like a real video. Gets up very serious and amazingly well rendered video game. That is really really sad. And so i'm like why are all these people getting together in streaming this video game above about a girl with the dead family. Like why is this happening but Also soon to be a show. I think the last. Oh wow yeah. I think i heard that i mean i just think among us just the you know the one pixel very cheap looking. We're all little jelly beans. Sometimes you can put on different outfits you difficulties and super simple jelly being an outfit. I didn't know they were outfits. Okay yeah. I dressed as an astronaut. Which is the only right costume because your space but other people can be a cowboy. You'd be pumpkin. gosh..

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