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Independent journalism in the public interest ninety three point nine FM and AM eight twenty NPR news and the New York conversation. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. Roger stone is due in court today in Washington. President Trump's former campaign adviser is expected to plead not guilty to charges that include lying to congress and witness tampering. They stem from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election. Senate confirmation hearings begin today for William bar, President Trump's attorney general nominee, he appears before the Senate Judiciary committee, if confirmed bar would replace acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker. A committee vote is expected by next week. A federal lawsuit in Missouri is targeting the practice of cash bail in the Saint Louis judicial system. Critics say it keeps poor defendants in jail. Rachel Lipman was Saint Louis public radio reports the lawsuit claims that judges in Saint Louis give no meaningful consideration to a person's income level or whether they are flight risk. That leads to defendants being unconstitutionally denied the right to liberty says Blake strode, he's the head of the arch. City defenders one of four groups handling the case there only certain circumstances under which that can be limited. The city has turned that on its head and said unless you can come up with enough money as a default position, you're going to have to remain incarcerated, and that violates the law spokesman for the judges says they follow all of Missouri's laws and welcome a federal review for NPR news. I'm Rachel Lipman in Saint Louis. This is NPR news from Washington. This is WNYC from New York. I'm Richard Hake. The nation's busiest immigration court right here in New York has reopened now that the partial government shutdown his ended, but it's not quite business as usual. Judges and lawyers are waiting to see when their cases will be rescheduled in an already backlogged court system. WNYC's Beth Fertig says that especially stressful for immigrants were seeking approval to stay in the US with their dependence. It's also going to be hard on the asylum seekers who were. Relying on witnesses who may not be around in a few years, or if you postpone the case too long memories are gonna fade they won't have as much vivid detail about the trauma they suffered. And they've already been waiting a couple of years for their trials the research group track. At Syracuse university says about ten thousand hearings may have been cancelled in New York alone during the shutdown mayor de Blasio says New York City will start being more proactive in its efforts to reduce mitigate lead poisoning in children. The mayor announced a roadmap yesterday, titled lead-free NYC, he says the city will start by tightening rules on testing and cleaning up lead paint both public and private housing. Our goal is to identify any hazard immediately to a radical the hazard to make sure the child's exposure is ended and to reduce the lead in the blood levels at child back down to safe levels. The plan includes significantly reducing the allowable level of lead dust in a home. The city is also developing a list of buildings that might have Hyatt lead levels. Using data like prior violations, the buildings age and rates of kids with high blood lead levels, the twenty twenty presidential campaign hasn't really gotten off the ground, but already someone's looking forward to the twenty twenty one New York City mayoral election city council speaker Cory Johnson says he's considering running he told reporters that city hall yesterday that if he runs he focused on issues, he cares about I love New York City. And I think the city faces.

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