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Sustain ER's of KQED Public Radio morning edition continues on Tuesday at 6 35 This is morning edition from NPR News. I'm Rachel Martin. And I'm No. Well, King. Good morning. Dr. Deborah Burkes, the coordinator of the White House Corona Virus Task Force, said something on CNN on Sunday that seems to have upset President Trump. Here's what she said. I want to be very clear. What we're seeing today is different for March and April. It is extraordinarily rides spread its into the rural as equal urban areas. The president tweeted afterward. Quote. Pathetic. Okay, so that's how he feels. How do Americans broadly feel about our response to the pandemic? NPR's Brian Man has the findings of a new NPR and Ipsos polling, Brian. Hey, Good morning. So I mean, the storyline here has been. There is so much division in Washington over this pandemic, But the poll found a lot of common ground among Americans. What are we saying? Well, really across the political spectrum. People are saying things were bad. I mean more than 155,000 Americans dead so far. And people think it's time to set the political feuding aside and go big. On a national response. Mallory knew Eliza, pollster with Ipsos. This's the firm that worked with NPR on this We've come to a pretty dire place when it comes to both the death toll and the spread of Corona virus across the country and Americans as they grapple with thee. Reality and just how grave the situation is. I think they're looking for sweeping, really broad, powerful action here. And of course, this has political ramifications when we asked about November's presidential election Upwards of 80% of Americans say they'll support the candidate with the National Corona virus plan a strategy for rebuilding the economy. And, interestingly, 81% of people say they want someone who can unify the country. OK, so that's what Americans are looking forward to in November in the lead up to that what people think the government can do now? That might help Americans across the political spectrum. Now support measures like mask mandates Public health rules requiring face coverings in public. They want the federal government to finally improve Corona virus testing. One of the people we surveyed is Sophie McClelland. She's a Democrat who lives near Jacksonville, Florida. I don't think that we have adequate testing because it can take up to two weeks to get results. And also, I think enough people are not following physician recommendations in terms of social distancing and wearing masks. And really, we found overwhelming majority of Americans now support mask wearing its just not controversial anymore. 75% say they will back The state mandates. And yet President Trump has made really clear that he doesn't support mass requirements at all. He tweeted yesterday that the U. S has done much better than most other countries dealing with covert 19 do Americans agree with him? In a word. No. 2/3 of people we surveyed say America is doing worse than other countries, 41% said We're doing much worse. I put this question to Laura Brad's low. She's a Republican who lives in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Absolutely work. We have AH, leader and I use the term loosely in quotes. Who is not providing leadership of this country at all. I mean, if I have to second, the Warman, he should be sucking enough wearing a mask now. Laura says she didn't vote for Trump in 2016 won't vote for him in November. But what's interesting is even Republicans We surveyed who do back President Trump want him to do a lot more to fight Covad, 19. Here's Kevin Reno, who lives in Irving, Texas. I think a national approach would be better. I think he would be effective and it may be at the point here before too long that we have to do that again. So far, the president has resisted this idea of a kind of national response. But we found 2/3 of Americans want a single countrywide strategy for Corona virus testing for deciding when businesses and schools should reopen. Let me ask you what you found on schools because that is one of the biggest questions going right now. President Trump says he wants kids back in classrooms in the fall. Do the people you surveyed think that that is going to happen or that that can happen safely? People are really nervous about this. Overall, 66% of Americans say they favor distance learning in the fall, keeping their kids home. Democrats overwhelmingly favor that Republicans more mixed. 60% agree with Trump and think kids should go back to classrooms and just real quick. The economy. What are we saying? Yeah, People say they want Washington to get off the fence. They want him to spend big to help the economy and help people who are struggling. Even if that means taking on Mohr national debt. NPR's Brian Man, Brian, Thanks so much. Thank you. Okay. I'm gonna admit something here. No. Well, my kids want a puppy to keep them company during the pandemic so far, though, we have held off But you, my friend have heeded the call. I did. I got a puppy on Sunday. He is amazing. I named him Guglielmo. That's a whole other conversation. Okay, Anyway, there's a 14 year old animal lover in San Jose Rachel, who says people should consider adopting older dogs, not just puppies. Oh, people to understand that, like older dogs like they should adopt more senior dogs. I guarantee you that they will give you the same love and unconditional affection as any other dog. I believe that that's Mina Kumar. She was adopted in India and brought to the U. S. By her parents, Meena is focused on the idea of a forever home. I just feel like many senior dogs do struggle to find a forever home because of their medical conditions. I really hope that one every one of them gets a forever home, just like I did. Her mom J. Aya says It was clear early on that her daughter loved animals dog later litter of puppies, You know, in the apartment complex animal by and so we would spend hours just taking her there. She loved the puppies. But older pets really have a place in her heart like this one, much by the name of George Sr. Dogs are calm. They remind him a grandfather who is also old, and I loved George because he was so calm and he was just very loving and he was such a great cuddler. So Meena heard about Mudville, which is a cage free dog Rescue program for older pets. Stop it. Sherry Frankel is the founder. I started my bill about 13 years ago when there was no such thing as a senior dog rescue. Excuse me. I'm gonna have to grab this one little dog coming. Rumor. She want me to start over. Meena would drop into my build a visit the senior dogs, But there was a problem. Here's mom actually immediately. She wanted to go volunteer at natural, but she was too young. Because you're only nine. She was only nine. You have to be 17 years old to volunteer there. But Meena would not be dissuaded. She came up with a plan. A great idea popped up in my head and that was to take care of dogs around my neighborhood and donate all the money. I earn too much, though she raised $14,000. My goal is to contribute 25,000 too much Bill. Frankel says Meena has become something of a viper at the rescue centre. Must fill is honored to have her as a friend of mine, Phil and also I am so happy to know her and know that there are used out there that have compassion like she does. She's a.

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