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Delays route 62 down past 1 14 and for a while coming down past 95 as well, My king WBC's traffic on the three's going to check the four day WBC active weather forecast. Now meteorologist Dave Sam lives with us. We tied a record in Boston today, and we are seeing a few of these. Little storms pop up here and there across the region. Yeah, we had a record higher tied a record high like you said 99 degrees out there. So seeing the cooling shower just south of a downtown, seeing a downpour, it's mostly happening inside of 1 28. So this is a small shower but certainly heading south of downtown. You're going to run into a downpour. We'll see one or two more of these isolated showers and thunderstorms into the evening. Most of us will not see it so Unfortunately, this will certainly provide cooling if you're underneath one, But if not, it will feel very, very stuffy throughout the night are low, only expected to reach 78 degrees. Some places could even stay above 80 all night and that will set the stage for another hot one. Tomorrow. 97 expected AccuWeather real field pushing 105. But a strong cold front heads our way for tomorrow night that could bring some severe weather later in the afternoon and tomorrow night cooler Thursday with lingering clouds and showers. The high 83 Looks cloudy right at the start of the holiday weekend, with temperatures only in the sixties. Friday and Saturday. Um AccuWeather's Dave Samuel WBZ Boston's news radio, So, as you heard, Dave, say, we do have that pop up showers just south of the city. Um, pretty much going to come across the expressway at some point here pretty soon, maybe tickle the northern side of Quincy will watch that up toward Gloucester. We have another one popped up out by Springfield that out toward the New York border. There's a few more Little storms popping up. Not everybody's going to see one. But if you do, you'll get wet for a brief time. You'll still be hot tonight. 78 for the low 96 right now in Boston, 5 26. Home prices are.

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