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Good ride this morning trouble free for Milbury to brighten it's going to take sixteen or seventeen minutes to get from four ninety five to one twenty eight David Struff Pelino WBZ traffic on the three now the WBZ four day accu weather forecast as bad as good as it gets with the sunshine this morning in Boston and you'll feel that temperature really start to warm up it's been chilly this morning but that is slowly going to be dissipating it's going to be a warmer and warmer throughout the morning here most of us still hovering around that freezing mark if not a little bit colder but with that sunshine it's gonna feel warmer we'll be up in the mid fifties by this afternoon that's right fifty four degrees the high today clear then tonight going down to a low of thirty four for Tuesday tomorrow in your Christmas Eve plenty of sunshine with a high of forty five pretty much the same deal for the Christmas holiday on Wednesday we're looking at partly sunny skies with a high of forty two degrees Thursday were at forty one clouds and some sunshine then head towards the weekend we could see a rain shower too but temperatures could be climbing back into the fifties once again so this entire week pretty much is going to be mild a feeling a lot warmer than we have over the past few days right now in and around Boston still on the chilly side were thirty five degrees right now in Lynn were at twenty eight framing him thirty four degrees and Pember oak and a Boston a few clouds around thirty nine degrees and it's a thirty five on WBZ newsradio CBD is now available one hundred percent natural one hundred percent money back guaranteed effective full spectrum hemp oil rich in CBD visit CPD bio naturals dot com that's C. B. D. by naturals dot com well if you're traveling on the roads on for the holidays this week or new year's next week the advice is to leave early you're gonna need it water company out of those roads WBZ's James Ross finding that.

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