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Len KASPER is going to join us at 5 30 your thoughts on this and again. This is just 10 days after Tony LaRussa forgot the rule, let's in two weeks ago of the 10th inning, and when you can run, Ah guy who made it out when the picture is taking that last out position place, And instead he and his closer running the bases, and he was worried about his safety to begin with, And he didn't know the rule. He had faulty strict strategy during that game, too. With with the way with Billy Hamilton on day elected to steal like there, There's so many things that we could Nick Williams batting fifth instead of Mercedes, and then you d F a hymn that Foster on the on the mound. I think it was in Seattle not challenging in time. How many weeks are we going to continue to talk? About not having the right connection with the manager. How many We would do. We would be killing Rick Regnery. A. We would be killing Joe Maddon. We would be killing Jim Boylan. We would be killing Matt. Meggie. We have killed Matt Naggy. And you know what? They understand why I would like to hear from some of the players. Hopefully, we'll get some responses from them to see how they feel about what has transpired and we'll see if passing can remember. He told you that people inside that locker room, Rick questioning him. Will will more people start speaking up about that. Jim and Frank for Iran, ESPN 1008. Jimmy. Hey, guys, how you doing? Listen, You know, I don't want to beat this to death here. But Tony.

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