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These south florida morning. Show this jenna bill. Keep rapid fire. News is coming up and it's friday. That always means a special combination. Said headlines are comments. What's coming up at seven thirty well. Most federal employees are off today for juneteenth. They are off aren't they. Does that mean no no time. It means so banks are open. I don't know what i'd do that that quickly. Actually i wanna know. It's a fast turnaround. Signed it yesterday and they're off today. Yeah wow that's what i said. It was like wow. The only voted on it in congress last week so they never a of time to plan for this right. We're taking off. June nineteenth is the final end of slavery. That's when they went to texas notified. The last enslaved people that it was over in eighteen hundred but I will look up and find out for rapid fire. What's open what's not for juneteenth today. Okay okay that more coming up. I think going forward. Just give us the monday. After father's day give everybody the day. Right yeah i agree and it'd be nice because but see. I think the reason they won't do that is people will consider it a father's day holiday confused and say it's it's more of a you know observance of father's day than what it's supposed to be the point hence why they should make it friday. Yep maybe that's why they are pushing for friday. Yeah but but then you're gonna have like you said before the juneteenth chevrolet sail all the time dealer incentives. it was. it's a. It's a difficult thing to handle. I think because it's a somber. It's a somber occasion yet. Your memorializing something. That's a celebration. Because it's the end of slavery but you don't want to forget right you know past you know pain. That happened here true. What led up to that point exactly. Yeah so biden. Signed it in just yesterday. Here is the the ceremony which remember terrible toll to slavery took on. The country have long called america's original sin. Okay but coming from him. It sounds even darker than than you know the original sin part of it. He could have said moving forward. Yeah going forward. Hope for the future you know. In far we've come. He said great nations don't ignore their most painful moments. They embrace them. And i well. I agree with that. But how come they never talk about the hope for possibility. They never do that. I know unfortunately a. It's because it's biden he he's he always negative. It was funny when he attack. That reported the other day. He says he goes all. Your questions are always negative. I'm thinking Hello you know. Do you ever say anything positive. I thought about it after the show driving home. Which is when i think of things. I don't wanna clean up the filter but it questions always negative two weeks ago. They asked him about his ice cream choice. What are you talking about. But that was a negative bill because you know it upset the people who like vanilla. So you know. Wow jeez jeez. What is going on in portland. So what the heck would you like to live in a city over the entire rapid response unit their response to riots. Quit so now riot team just quit. They resigned from the riott team. They're still technically members of the police force volunteer to like you know what you want to be on riot. Team writing special responded okay. They all walked off the job. They resigned after a grand jury. Indicted another officer on a misdemeanor assault charge for what the prosecutors say was excessive unlawful use of force. I love this during a protest last august. Okay the officer was in the middle of a riot with there being assaulted and apparently pushed down photographer. Yeah well he got pushed down first and then his buddies had to come save him. They had to use pepper spray to get. Because the i guess. The crowd knocked him down. So this this one. Police officers aims kerr corey bud worth. He was knocked down and then his his friends or his. You know his cohorts came and they had to save him and when he got back up i guess part of the deal is when you're in the riott team you use your batons to clear people out of the way course and and once somebody's down they stay down. They don't get back up and Apparently some activists who is also a photographer had fallen and when she went to get back hitter police and the police chief stood up forms that he's under tremendous amount of stress. The entire forces during sustained civil unrest. That's been allowed in portland and it is now. This one incident for the team to quit was one thing. That's for sure but it's really. It's it's a combination of a bunch of things they won't this mayor this idiot mit why is he still in power up there. This is one that had to move right was gonna lately lost control of law and order in the city of portland where they've allowed anti-flood at completely takeover aaron ruin business destroy property attack cops attack civilians and yet this crowd control when they try to push them that they're not allowed to push them back now. They're not they finally do this on your own. Then forget it we're out. Wasn't this the same mayor that jumped in with the rioters and then chased him into any ran to the police station for the cops to protect him. I'm part of you. i understand. And they tried to burn down his house yet then then he had to move. 'cause they tried to burn down this condo building and his neighbors or like. You're gonna get us killed. This get outta here is a complete idiot. He's totally incompetent and they and they keep them there. I would be shocked. Any of the anybody in the police force because they know exactly what happens if they even live in portland for. I live in surrounding town that they can protect. You're probably right. You're crazy their destruction of a formerly great city. I know my my cousins live in oregon but they live in salem. I gotta ask them but they're all odd you know but how do you. How do you live in a city like that. It's kinda like san francisco right. San francisco is going to start experiencing the same kind of stuff. They defended the police department. There's no cops. There's no security anywhere and now blatantly if you haven't seen that video i don't know how you missed it. But that guy rides a bicycle into a walgreens one of the store managers watching him standing next to the store security cop and the guy loads up garbage bag full of drugs and anything else he could grab off. The shelf puts it over shoulder and writers bicycle right past him out the front door. Just nothing just goes right out and no one stops him because they know they can't prosecute them it's like oh my god there's no you can't prosecute petty crime and you're paying five dollars and twenty five cents for gas. Nothing's open because now they're afraid to open because they're afraid they're gonna get robbed. That is ridiculous. Not is what that is Some look forward to i. Guess we're gonna find out a lot of the today. Who's going to the olympics on our side of things olympic trials in eugene oregon. Speaking of oregon. Some of the nation's top athletes will be there to figure out who's going the top three athletes. in each event. These are like track and field and not gymnastics and stuff like that swing too. We'll make the team for the tokyo olympics. Okay so this answers my question as to why we haven't heard about anybody. They're still trying out a row for the olympics. So this is your whole life training and you'll only find out if you're right before like so. Here's your here's your pass or on the team. Here's your here's your team jack in now. Here's your plane. Ticket and plane leaves tomorrow morning at eight. Get on it. Wow that it's a long flight to japan and plus you get to give him time. They'll get you know the jet lag out of them especially if they're runners swimmers. My goodness speaking of runners to the trying to promote. I guess to the world's fastest woman delilah mohammed and sydney mclaughlin are going to face off in the women's four hundred meter hurdles. I you know what i think. Nbc is trying to figure out who they're going to promote for this. You know they always pick like three or four athletes hype up right. I don't know yet. Yeah well simone. Biles is one of them an easy pick and then What's her name la- decky in the pool right but yeah because we knew about flow. Joe was huge before she even went to the olympics. Haven't heard about anybody know and it's that's why maybe it's because of covid nineteen. These trials are late. I guess probably rapid fire will not be late. It'll be at seven. Thirty and karen has all the headlines. We chime in always good on a friday..

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