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You complete less but i do know there'll be a lot of guys and trying to get some of the raider brass there we'd like to see some of the people there are connected now i know it's a busy time for you know coach gruden and gm reggie mckenzie but we'd love to get those guys out there as well as you know maybe some of the current players but i know the players they're going to get ready for camp and all that stuff so they've got to be careful and even golf things like that anything that's outside of doing football stuff they kinda shy away from and now it's because a lot of times they have this stuff in their contracts that they're not able to risk injury doing something else that's outside the realm of football or what they have curtailed in their workouts so we'll see how it all plays out which badgen finley toyota outoftown scoreboard and just a sec again looking forward to getting hopefully gruden on the show to kind of go over you know the moves that have already been made again tight on the cap space a little bit so you know not going to be able to sign somebody like nick liking down can sue you saw that you know he was supposed to be talking to the raiders i guess that got canceled but they really don't have the money to cap but i still think they're going to make some good solid moves narrow decker was also somebody that the raiders talked to and jordy nelson eric decker again decker dropped several passes but this guy you know since his days denver has not been the same guy and sometimes you know you take your craft to different places next thing you know you become a journeyman because there's no doubt that we wanted to keep decker but he has gone to the jets and the titans and now you don't know where he's going to end up if he ends up leaving tennessee and going on the road so we'll see what happens i'd love to see that guy get back to.

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