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The week super you enjoy writing don't you that's an everybody i wish i find a lot of work yeah there's a lot of war is a model but i do enjoy it what's next for you oh my thinking of uh writing a book either about the civilian technology drones and the autonomous cars things like that or uh may be a book about uh trump and presidential power or may overcome both at the same time there's so much in the forefront of a news def every day now would you get in a driverless car yes you look in our book we found in a heart defect interesting it's not easy to find the data on the go go car affect it's hard to find it on the go go searchengine what the google cars up too but uh you know the there's a global car driving around the country and uh it looks like it's able to drive a trope out five hundred thousand miles with one accident that seem to be the fault of uh uh the car itself rather than someone else's fault um that's an amazing safety record i actually think if they will we we have about thirty thousand people die on the highway entitled dining traffic accidents every year we we might want everyone to be driving be sitting in an autonomous car that that that from accents would go down everybody treats would be cheaper we'd be more productive while we're in the cars too high i think actually i would probably if if i knew everyone else was going to get in a google car i probably get one too all right let's go back final calls here brian in indianapolis indiana hello bri go ahead oh george john how are you guy wonderful luck georgia okay i'm gonna put a doubt they get a invalid we are working on that good do that the film on the us yes real quick yes what a story on it maybe a good show but my i have to quite i'll take my answer off the air their first when the twos crack an eight or shifts the festival to cyber attack in pit one in programs that we have planted in the iranian nuclear programme planet into our our navy ships in a coworker my only one me to ask you about the.

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