Robert Downey, John Fabra, John Farrow discussed on Dean Richards' Sunday Morning


Man, Robert Downey junior. John Fabra directed the first two I meant. Remember so distinctly two thousand eight. Battle that was going on between John Farrow, who directed the iron man movie and marvel movies when Fabra wanted Robert Downey junior to star in this movie Downey, who would do you remember? He's completely turned his life around. But back in the day at a history of drug abuse had a history of trouble with the law was not the most reliable person in the world, great actor, but not the most reliable person in the world, and pharaoh fought and fought and fought and fought to get Robert Downey junior that role which really turned his career around turned his life completely around when I talked with them both on the red carpet last night. They talked about it. I remember talking with both of you before iron man came out about. Your life and what you went through because you had such faith in the advert for that role now, look, counting a genius. What town eleven years later. Yeah. And now it's yeah, I, I think the ironman, Arcus complete and he's done us. All proud. What was it that you saw though that I mean like you really insisted that you needed? I asked myself at every day. You know, in success, search rewriting history. Let's be honest here. I did him a solid. True. But the other funny thing is and the reason.

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