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And were vote yes on one paper for an authorized by progress remain markieff pillar treasurer or so he's up in congress treat before court on me greater portland's new fm at one hundred point five the richardson standing by with a she renews stone is on the lob lobs lorde complicate and taste as the baby they chad it is six twenty four you're listening to one hundred point five fm thanks for joining us as you may have seen the houston astros won their first world series title i think they came into being and 19 sixty eight i'm pretty sure that's right and they've gotten close have been in the world series before the number one one yesterday the starting pitcher for the dodgers has had a rough night gave up five runs right out of the gate and then album louis the best lefthander of our lifetime clinton kershaw came in and shut down the astros for four innings in relief is a starter i watched as long as i could but you know it's busy life and uh so i finally falsely asleep but i got this morning at ford saw that sports center had all the highlight so i could have just waited anyhow the astros won their first world series championship and that's a nice lift for the city of houston which as you know has gone through a lot over the last month are f o last three months really with all the water down there it's on you with us we tanya powers we do are you kidding now i'm syria and she's in new york you know and she's with fox news.

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