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The perfect way to preview a oh in four forty nine is versus a one in three colts game i think it we just did it the perfect way which is the talk my frank gore navratilova matti can you this conversation next week yes that's right or to the rhetoric next week there's a little extra sizzle because of the quarterback who is in dc there'll be a little extra sizzle next week it'll take about it the quarterback the defense of lying coach that tied in all that it's worth a lot of four out of forty nine or judicial area years stories are already got the verdict davis day the jim tom sylla day in the kirk cousins days so enjoy that they enjoy we got people saying it may take maybe aj foyt has enjoyed the horseradish at saint elmaz and i'm sticking with it in nineteen 75 george mcguinness averaged twenty nine point eight points for the aba a indiana pacers that's when you're stake that you're going to eat on sunday night was placed in the aging process that'll work gene gimme kit would also apply and then and the one bobby knight probably source shrimp cocktail at somebody there hammer some gulf horseradish to get let's hear that he wants through i met have a great trip in have a great meal and and keep the nosair's and tackle talk next week or i mirvac there has been a oakland cambier up will give it away a honda we're giving away a honda in the next segment okay and then gentleman gymnasts but see that's my kind of radio julia on these sports leader in that month vr six aren't we ran bob two and a half l week.

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