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Gift card for Silver Diner. Silver Diner is great, healthy options, including vegan gluten free and meals that fit within the E m p. 1 80 program call 8558. You're a 1 80 or visit the empty 1 80 dot com e m p 1 80 Weight loss Empowering a healthier you All 35. It's a move, the president Trump suggested was coming, and now there is an order US. True forces in Afghanistan and Iraq will be trimmed to about 2500 in each location. So how will that affect safety and security of the troops left behind? What will terror groups do with this news? What will they plan? How will they carry out their plans? Well, they do something soon, Or will they wait until U. S troops are lesser in number and more vulnerable to try to do something? These are just some of the questions that people in the Pentagon And beyond. That have to deal with US Military readiness and deployment are wrestling with w T O p national security correspondent J. J Green there. There are currently 4500 troops in Afghanistan and 3000 in Iraq. Well. The U. S. Is hitting Iran with new sanctions as Secretary of state. Mike Pompeo makes the case that undoing the actions of the Trump administration would be foolish and dangerous. The Treasury and state departments have announced they have targeted a leading Iranian charity in a number of its affiliates with sanctions for human rights violations also targeted Iran's intelligence minister. Many of those sanctions add another layer to previously announced penalties, but they come is the administration tries to ramp up pressure on Iran before President elect Biden takes office. Biden has said he wants to return to the reproachment with Iran that started during the Obama administration just ahead after traffic and weather a closer look at efforts by the Trump campaign to overturn vote counts. 12 37 CBS presents highlighting our heroes sponsored by over Reilly Auto parts 102 year old Millie Bailey is a World War two veteran who is nearly seen it all. Recently, She checked another item off her bucket list..

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