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To the top of the third we go here at veterans field let's send it to Addison van Patten thanks guys I caught up with pitcher Cole Larson in the bull pen just talking about how his first outing went the other night how he likes to Cape so far he's a later I ever he just joined us he actually didn't get the call to come to the Cape social life for and he was there here just about two days later now he says he's like that so far a lot of the Cape obviously where him is next what he is back did he said he thought he was gonna be living on a sandy white beach but he says he likes it so far he's spitting in the bull pen really well he says he's a shire guy so he's finding it hard to jump into all their comedy but he's liking a lot so far he says one thing he's going to work on this summer is his slider he really likes it but he wanted to be better he's excited to be here in the Cape and how the track man a quick man so that he can look at that stuff work on it and bring it to Kansas with him throwing it back to you guys thanks Addison Larson and an excellent performance out of the bullpen it yesterday instead she considered a lead off the third inning take the ball out side wanted now that was the other being the new guy go ahead always tough in the news that's all I wanted thank you zero just misses three balls and a strike to teeter the the new guy Iowa but no but Ryan is Ryan's always the new guy yeah we should bring him on I lemaire B. writer gives us a thumbs up three pitched at cedar give me over fastball does just that three in one for nothing where hand sap the third here in Chatham glares back out for his third inning of work starters struggled thus far four runs on four hits for where him the three wanted cedar Loewen involved for teeters on for the second time tonight reached on an error in the first inning and now walks to lead off the third and that brings up the Miami hurricane Adrian del Casteel ma'am a claim to follow del Casteel speaking.

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