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A group of people met and back his Minnesota Saturday and marched down streets and opposition of the pipeline just days after Biden took action to revoke the Keystone XL permit organizer say more than 200 water protectors took part in the March the indigenous environmental Network stream the demonstration live on Facebook. Db in the construction began on line three in early December. Indigenous people have been opposing the project at construction sites in northern Minnesota. A resistance camp was recently set up near Cloquet to try and slow construction, while supporters of the oil pipeline say the replacement is needed. The project creates jobs and boost the economy. I'm Antonio Gonzales. And you're listening to the evening news on K P F a Berkeley KPFK Los Angeles KFC F Fresno Online at KPFK that O'Rourke Federal judge today barred the U. S government from enforcing a 100 Day deportation moratorium that is the key immigration priority of President Biden. U. S District Judge Drew Tipton issued a temporary restraining order sought by Texas, which sued on Friday against the Department of Homeland Security memo that instructed immigration agencies to pause most deportations. Judge Tipton said the Biden administration had failed to provide any concrete reasonable justification for a 100 day. Pause on deportations. The judge's order is an early blow to the Biden administration, which has proposed far reaching changes sought by immigration advocates, including a plan to legalize An estimated 11 million immigrants living in the US without documents, Biden promised during his campaign to issue the moratorium on immediate deportations. He already represents a victory for text. This is Republican leaders who often sued to stop programs enacted by Biden's Democratic predecessor, President Barack Obama. It also showed that just his Democratic led states and immigration groups fought former president Trump over immigration in court often successfully, So, too. Will Republicans fight with Biden in office? While Tipton's order bars enforcement of a moratorium for 14 days, it does not require deportations to resume at their previous pace. Immigration agencies typically have A wide latitude in processing cake cases and scheduling removal flights. The White House issued a statement saying the moratorium was wholly appropriate and response to his court victory. Excesses. Attorney Extend tweeted victory and described the deportation moratorium as a seditious left wing insurrection. An apparent reference to the January 6th deadly assault on the U. S Capitol by Trump's supporters trying to overturn the results of the presidential election. Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, Democratic lawmakers are introducing a bill. They say We'll root out racism in the nation's immigration system, ending mass deportations and preventing other practices like Sam family separations and the criminalization of migration. Supporters of the New Way Forward Act say it will And The immigration to deportation system and challenge systemic racism in immigration laws. Because two for Martinez reports a group of progressive Democratic lawmakers has re introduced a bill aimed at de criminalizing immigration and dismantling what they call systemic racism in the immigration and criminal justice systems. Democratic representative Jesus too weak. Garcia of Illinois is the author of the New Way Forward Act, He says President Joe Biden's immigration related executive orders and proposed legislation mark a positive first step. But that is only the beginning of what he calls needed Repairs. These last four years has tested us. But the truth is that our immigration system was broken Long before Trump stepped into office. The Trump administration shocking abuses shook us and expose serious existing injustices embedded In our immigration and criminal legal systems, Garcia says. Structural racism is intentional and has been codified into law. Reversing this damage requires us to do the same. It's time that we had the doctrine of criminalizing desperation in America, and we chart a new way forward. The New Way Forward Act has 39 co sponsors in Congress, including representatives Karen Bass of California. Ayanna Presley of Massachusetts and Pamela J. A Pall of Washington. Gioia Paul, the chair of the Legislative Progressive Caucus, is one of 14 naturalized citizens in Congress. She says. It's a relief that Donald Trump is no longer president. But now it's time to deliver humane immigration reform, including the New Way Forward Act. This legislation helps us achieve exactly that by restoring due process to immigrants, ending detention without bail separating policing from immigration enforcement. An outright repealing laws that make migration which is so essential as a remedy for the injustices and inequality around the world. We need to repeal laws that make migration a crime. The act includes provisions that would end the use of for profit immigrant detention centers and stop the use of local police to enforce immigration laws. Other provisions are aimed at ending family separations and ending mass incarceration of immigrants. Representative I honor Presley says to build is timely on the heels of the last election that rejected what she calls the cruelty and callousness off the last four years and make no mistake. Continue to find ourselves in the midst of a national reckoning was systemic racism and racial justice. As representative giant Paul in, Garcia both pointed out Um, and as the title of our bill indicates, we cannot recover to an unjust Pre cove it pre trump status quo normal that status quo. Normal was unjust, insufficient and inadequate. To begin with. This is the time to quite literally chart a new way forward, she says. Both changes needed to undo decades of harm. For too long. Our immigration and criminal legal systems have been deeply and fundamentally intertwined. Have contributed to our innovations, mass incarceration crisis, which is separated families and destroyed communities for generations. Today. The United States oversees the largest immigration detention system in the world, and as a result, we now spend more resource is on the criminalization of immigrants than any other. Then all other enforcement agencies combined, the lawmakers say, Fell formally introduce the New Way Forward Act in Congress Wednesday they'd author Garcia says the bill has been called radical. But he disagrees. But the truth is that de criminalizing immigration is not a radical concept at all. What's radical is caging school age Children that even old enough to know their parents names. What's radical is detaining thousands of refugees and dangerous conditions of squalor. We're simply asking for fair treatment for our immigration in our immigration system. Reporting for Pacifica Radio News, KPFK. I'm Christopher.

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