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And welcome into poke bear episode 79 that Jeremy lauzon and U.S. Olympian David wore soft ski episode. I'm as maronie. That is kinda Ryan Connor. How you doing? Evan, doing well. How you doing? Doing better than the bruins. Well, the birds didn't play on Tuesday night. They just had the wheelie able re ceremony. And then all great. And then they left. It was weird. I mean, it was fitting like a great honor for Willie, so it was good that they just got out of there afterwards. So I know the schedules got a wonky going forward, but just cut down there and I was like, oh, okay, bye. All right, see ya. Help you guys. What's the game? We're just gonna have the ceremony and it was cool. It was all great. It's amazing ceremony. And so now we're not playing the game. No big deal. But in some ways, the broods didn't play a game on Tuesday night. They decided to have to show up, right? You know, we're just here to it's like I've made this joke before, but it's like detective crash more Santa Claus than you just get to another two mil. It was kind of like that night. It just showed up another two mil, showed up, get my paycheck. But before we get into the debacle that was the game on Tuesday night. The willow resemblance was fantastic. And it is so long overdue that he gets his number 22 retired. The 12th number. I think it was fill esposito who said he's one of the dudes now. That was pretty fitting. That's for zito's got like now that he's down in Florida. He's got like big Pat Riley energy of like old dude like living it up in Florida. That's like what Phil has risen to is now. Yeah, as he should. I mean, the guy deserves it. You've earned it, man. But no, amazing ceremony. And they did such a good job. He wasn't there, but they made it very inclusive to him. It felt like he almost was there. And his speech was beautiful. I mean, you were in the building for it. What were your takeaways from it? Yeah, no, I thought it was a very well done ceremony. Obviously, it's unfortunate that we couldn't be there, but as you said, I think the whole ceremony itself, like his speech, which was heartfelt genuine, and if I think you've been lucky enough to meet Willie in the past, that's kind of the main describers of interacting with that guy in classy, genuine, always heartfelt, so it's just a tremendous ceremony for him. As you said, long overdue for everything will he's done not just breaking the color barrier and the arduous journey he had to take to get there, everything he went through, but then to also play while being, again, legally blind in one eye and still having the career he did, whether it be with Boston or then over and I think the western Hockey League as well. And then just it doesn't just end with his planning career in the journey he had there. But to then spend almost three decades continuing to grow the game and be recognized as a key builder. And I mean, you looked at not just the ruins, but every other team in the league, I think had on William Reese stickers. You saw multiple players of color like Wayne Simmons, talked about how he was his idol growing up how he used him as hockey Jackie Robinson for the being that guy.

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